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Sad love Letter To Express How Much I Miss You

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Sad love Letter To Express How Much I Miss You

This is a sad love letter meant to especially express how much you miss the person you love. This letter were written by Amandine.

Sad love Letter To Express How Much I Miss You

My stomach is a knot and my heart a blinding agony. My brain, even, has been useless for several days. All I can think about is that you are no longer mine. You will probably never again be the one who will hold me against him, fingers tenderly stroking my arm. No. I won’t feel your presence close to me anymore. I will never hear your voice ask me for a story or a lullaby to help you fall asleep ever again. No more pancakes – your eyes full of wonder as you admire my technique.

I will never again send you a good morning message from bed.

You will never kiss me tenderly again, or passionately, or savagely. You will never again make me want to eat sushi or grilled cheese. We will no longer cook together either. And I won’t taste your future brownies. I won’t beg or fight for your secret recipes. You will no longer challenge me to bake better ones. 

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Never again will I see the vein on your forehead when you’re out of breath.

Nor your frown when you are offended, sad or angry. I won’t look at your face with passion for long minutes at a time, as I used to when I was in your arms ; and I won’t hear you telling me that if I keep looking at you like that, my face will get stuck and I’ll look like an idiot for the rest of my life. You will no longer make me laugh, or smile. I will no longer observe you from afar, sitting at a restaurant table, thinking you’re an incredible guy, and that your eyes are so gorgeous.

No, never again.

No more all you can eat restaurants, food fights or goofing around. No, you won’t bring me back a plate full of nuggets just to make me laugh when I ask you for salad. 

I will no longer spend my mondays at your place in my pyjamas, cuddled against you under the covers. Kissing you for hours at a time. Our hearts racing. I won’t feel your breath on my body. It won’t make me shiver. Your hands won’t touch my arms ; they won’t scratch my lower back. And your lips won’t call for mine. No, never again. 

And so I will get up every morning, empty, without you. Like lost in the middle of a forest. And all that will be left will be a fleeting memory of half-burned magical moments. The dangerous shadow of you image next to me. 

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