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My life is incomplete without you letter : An emotional and sad love letter

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My life is incomplete without you letter : An emotional and sad love letter

Putting words on emotions can be hard, so if what you feel is something on the line of “my life is incomplete without you”, we have an emotional and sad love letter you can read and get ideas from.

My life is incomplete without you letter

It’s a gouging sensation. An empty feeling, hollow, laced with a deep sadness and surrounded by uncertainty. I miss you terribly, and I dream that your name would appear on my phone screen, and that you would hint that you’re thinking about me too. I need to feel important for you. I hate these long moments of silence, these days during which I forbid myself from asking you for news because the only thing I want, is for you to do so first.

I can’t stand this sensation as I cling to that worthless hope. I don’t like knowing nothing is certain between us, that what I would call “us” appears to be on probation. Waiting is tough, and I’m waiting for the feeling that I have a place in your life. In your heart. I love you so much it’s impossible for me to act like all is well, I can’t put my feelings into perspective.

No word can be strong enough to express the horrible emotion invading me.

Being far away from you every day, every night, I just can’t. I wish your arms were around me, that they would hold me tight and never let go. That wherever I may go, they would follow me. So that my heart could beat ever so close to yours. And also I wish your tenderness would cover me like a warm blanket.

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That it would comfort my heart and soothe my pains. I wish your hand would glide on my skin and erase that big scratch, the one that appears whenever you’re gone. I need your kisses to calm my fears, my aches. Yes. Because pain is everyday. Getting up in the morning is pain, knowing the day will be so long is pain, seeing it transform into yesterday all over again is pain.

Without you.


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