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Love letter to the future father of my child

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Love letter to the future father of my child

If you are expecting and want to share your happiness of becoming a mom at his side, and parents together, here is a “Love letter to the future father of my child”!

Some moments in life belong to neither time nor space. Like some wonderful, incredible, moving announcement you want to cherish as long as you live. And remember. Moments of joy and of pure happiness that you wish to keep with you forever. One of the most beautiful news of all is the arrival of a baby. The announcement of your pregnancy is always a very special moment. And of course the future mother shares the news by announcing it in person to the future father. It makes for amazing memories. But to preserve the moment of the announcement of the birth to come forever, what could be more beautiful and timeless than a letter to the future dad? To tell him your love and your joy of being pregnant.

Letter to the future father of my child

My love, 

Today, no woman is happier than I am. I feel fulfilled, full of love. For you and for the baby I’m carrying. This mini “us” to be. 

I want to share this incredible adventure with you. Tell you about my new sensations, have you be a full part of this pregnancy. 

The months to come will be full of moments of complicity and love, I have no doubt about that. 

At your side, I know the pregnancy will be serene, that I can count on you, on your support, your love and your implication. 

This adventure, the most beautiful human adventure of all, we are going to live it together. And it fills me with a happiness I had never known before.

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You, the wonderful man who makes me happy and whom I love so much, you will be an incredible dad. I am totally convinced of it, I know it in my heart. 

Just imagining our future baby in your future Super-Dad arms makes me shiver. It’s going to be amazing. I just can’t wait. 

I want to take advantage of each and every one of the incredible moments of my pregnancy with you. 

And welcome our child together. Can you imagine that in a few months there will be three of us? It’s the beginning of a new life. I am both calm and insanely impatient. 

I wanted with these words to tell you how much I love you and how much I am happy to be the woman you are with and the future mother of your child. 

And also how proud I am. Yes. Because I know that you will be a great father. Present. Loving. That you will know how to reassure me, know how to love that baby unconditionally and create a happy family life for us. 

Never have any doubt about that. Or about your abilities, your values. It’s for them, because of them even, that I knew you would be a life partner as well as an exemplary future dad, on whom I could always count and who would always give me his support. And whith whom I could look to the future. 

I have never had any doubt about you or your love. 

About our closeness and full complicity. And you know that you needn’t have any doubt about me either, about my feelings and my will of being at your side. 

Know also that our baby on its way, this little “us” that will unite us forever, will never change the love I bear you. I promise to be a careful and loving mother. But I also promise to stay a woman, your woman, the one you fell in love with. And that even if there will be three of us soon, it will never prevent us from also and forever being two. From being this love duo that has made me so happy for several years now. 

Thank you for accompanying me, for being the man you are. 

I can’t wait to meet the future father you will soon become. Seeing you with our baby in your arms for the first time will be one of the most important moments in my life. 

I am so happy to be building a family with you. I love you with all my heart. 

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