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Heartfelt love letter from a mother to her daughter

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Heartfelt love letter from a mother to her daughter

Here is an example of a heartfelt love letter from a mother to her daughter. I hope you like it !

Heartfelt love letter from a mother to her daughter

It was crazy, becoming a mom, becoming your mom! I wanted a little fairy to look over us and grant us a miracle… I’ve spent hours dreaming about you, imagining you, feeling you. The bumps across my belly, all your minute movements, your presence, your liveliness, your little bit of crazy… all of it already in my womb! Your birth was full of tenderness and everything went perfectly. Taking you in my arms and laying you against me was simply out of this world. I couldn’t take my eyes off you during the first few hours, the first few days, the first few weeks following your arrival. I even thought I wouldn’t be able to do anything else! I set foot upon a magical land, I was utterly amazed, under your spell! Your dad was all emotion, softness and pride, all at once exited, calm and amused. We both immediately loved your smell… You reminded us of freshly baked pastries with notes of warm butter and melted sugar!

You were tiny and you made me melt when you said “I adore you mama!”

You made me melt with your exclamations of joy as we played together, with your winning smile when you wanted something from me so bad, with your glinting eyes when you knew a surprise was coming your way! We have spent long moments looking each other in the eye at dawn when you joined us in our bed, when I told you a story and that you cuddled up against me, when you needed a hug or a little nap with your teddy! Oh, your teddy, what a symbol of softness and tenderness for you! He counted at least as much as I did! I often told myself then : “let’s fill up with love, tenderness, magic”. These moments were the foundation of our relationship, of your relationship to others.

I often wondered how to love you “correctly”

How to love you so that you became a blooming child, teenager, and grown up, how to give you a solid base of security, how to be available without being too excessive, how to allow you to grow up both protected from and exposed to the world surrounding us, how to prevent too much of a symbiotic relationship between us or putting too much weight on your shoulders with unrealistic expectations. I have found many answers in one : by loving myself first… By feeling good with myself, I’m feeling good with you!

My darling, all along your childhood, I’ve had some kind of obsession :

to grant you as many enjoyable moments as possible, wether it was by playing with you, by organizing parties with your friends, by going berzerk with your dad, by hugging you, by making sure to often surprise you, by having fits of laughter together! They say childhood is a “blessed” time and I do hope you remember yours that way… We all want to be the “super” mom, full of wisdom, tenderness and delicacy, who raises her kids in a soft cocoon. But I have often lost it : fatigue, irritation, frustrations… and then the super mom turned into a hurricane.

The moment you arrived in my life, I knew motherly love would always overflow for you, but never had I imagined how much you would love me too… A love that isn’t a promise, but a lucky wonder!

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