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Love letter for your boyfriend : thank you for being there

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Love letter for your boyfriend : thank you for being there

In this love letter for your boyfriend, a young woman, going through difficult times regarding her family, wishes to thank her boyfriend for being there and supporting her.

Love letter for your boyfriend : thank you for being there :

My love,

Today more than ever I want to put in writing what I feel for you. They say the most beautiful love is one that makes us thrive, while at the same time making us vulnerable, and that also awakens our soul. One that sets our hearts ablaze, rendering us babbling corny fools. One that soothes our minds, that offers meaning to our life, that makes us smile for no reason, that pushes us to believe in destiny. It’s the one I have discovered thanks to you, thanks to everything you have brought me. Never would I have imagined being able to love so fast, with such intensity… 

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I know that we are young and that nobody believes in the evolution of this “us”, that they think we will take different paths after we graduate. But I don’t want our story to be but a shooting star, a spectacular light from the heavens, a rapid preview of eternity disappearing in the blink of a eye. I want our love to last, to grow day after day and never to stop. You know I have had other stories, yet I have never been so happy! Nothing can compare with you, I sincerely believe I have found the rarest of gems!

My family life is a bit complicated as you know, especially at the moment… And I want to thank you for everything : you are the only one who knows what to do, what to say to brighten my mood, to soothe my heart, to erase my fears. I also know that I haven’t been very nice to you lately because of all these problems… And despite that, you stay with me, you comfort me and offer me a shoulder to cry on. Thank you… Thank you for what you do, for who you are. Thank you for sticking with me when I ache, for trying to understand me, for not running away. You are an extraordinary being and I realize how lucky I am having you at my side.

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I really wish there were more words to express all the love I feel for you and all the happiness you bring me…

I love you, thank you again for everything…

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