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Letter to your wife to save your marriage : An amazing letter

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Letter to your wife to save your marriage : An amazing letter

If times are tough and you are looking for a way to save your marriage, we have prepared an amazing love letter to your wife to save your marriage.

Because there are ups and downs in every marriage. And seldom are those whose path is void of fights or tension as years go by. 

It’s only normal to compromise, to disagree, to clash sometimes. The important thing is to listen to each other, to communicate in order to face the problems and to solve them together. And after that, to move forward on healthy grounds. Unfortunately, sometimes a couple will go through a genuine crisis, not a mere shouting match. Sometimes dialogue is almost entirely halted and saving your marriage seems nothing short of impossible. And yet, you musn’t accept to let go when love between both partners is still there, when feelings remain at the foundation of your everything. The cause of the problem or individual responsibilities matter little when you still love the man or woman sharing your life, and you can’t allow a disagreement to turn into a divorce. You must do everything in your power to make things better, to not give up, to believe. 

Letter to my wife to save our marriage

“Honey, my love (her first name or the cute nickname you usually use), 

We have had many conversations, sometimes heated with anger taking over, sometimes more relaxed, more reasoned. I am fully aware of the crisis we are going through, I will not minimize the graveness of the matter at hand. 

Which is why I have decided to write to you, not so that words take precedence over actions, but so that you can read me with a calm spirit, in order to rethink the situation serenely. 

I want us to end this crisis. 

I obviously wanted to tell you how sorry I am, to tell you that I love you, to tell you that I don’t want to lose you. 

Perhaps I thought you already knew all of that, but now I realize that I have to fully open up my heart to you. 

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That our story should end is inconceivable to me. That our couple should slowly wither and die with only our tired routine to hold it’s hand, and fights, and tensions growing towards the point of no return… no. 

All these couples who break up on a whim… I will never prove them right. Running away at the first obstacle on your path is a trend I don’t live by. 

I know that we are worth better than that. I feel it in my bones, our marriage isn’t history. 

Our love is not dead, and I refuse to give up and to lose you. To lose us. 

I probably used to think I was above all of that. I thought our couple was invincible, so strong that I would never have imagined that we could have been affected by what they call marital crisis. 

I guess my overconfidence was a sin of sorts. And I feel terribly guilty. If only you knew how sorry I am, to have let all of this pollute us, to not have put love back at the center of our story. 

And yet, I love you so much. That has not changed, quite the opposite : my love can only grow. I can’t imagine life without you. I can’t picture myself moving through existence without you by my side. 

It’s with you that I want to share my plans, my dreams – anything and everything. And I will do everything I can to save that. 

Today, if I’m writing these words, it’s to make you understand that our marriage is my absolute priority. I know that we’re going through a rough patch. That we have trouble communicating, understanding each other without losing patience. 

But I don’t want the dialogue between us to remain broken. 

And we can’t move forward if we don’t talk. That’s why I’m writing this letter. And in the hope that I might appease things, and soothe you so that we can see each other again under favorable conditions. 

I am in no way fleeing from a conversation between us, on the contrary. That way you can choose, after having read me, how you wish to answer. 

And please don’t believe that I’m only thinking about myself, it’s true that in a letter you can get a lot of “I”. But I’m not only thinking about myself here, I’m thinking about you, about us. My only wish is for that “us” to persist, because nowhere along the line has my love for you vanished. 

I love you still and always and I will do everything I can, everything I must, to save our marriage. That, more than a promise, is a vow. 

Our love story is at the center of my existence, our marriage is what brings balance to my life and I can’t picture myself without you. You are my happiness, we are. I love you.” 

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