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Letter To My Lying Boyfriend After Finding Out He Was Married

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Letter To My Lying Boyfriend After Finding Out He Was Married

Because sometimes you will find Prince Charming and that’s great, but sometimes you will find a lying boyfriend who “forgot” to tell you he was married, here is the kind of letter you can send him after finding out… So here is my open letter to my lying boyfriend after finding out he was married !

Letter To My Lying Boyfriend After Finding Out He Was Married


I’m taking some time to sit down to write to you, to lay on paper the thoughts that have been going in circles in my head for a while now…

I’m trying to make sense of our relationship, but I guess I should talk about it in the past tense, I guess I should say “we were”.

You had convinced me that we were meant to find each other, that you felt : an indifinable possibility between us… Today I’m convinced that yes, we were destined to meet but absolutely not to last. I’m going to miss the sweet madness we had going when we were with one another. I will miss you, as I may have told you before.

You brought me a lot, you made me grow, I was more serene with you, I could let go, you showed me your beauty and I got lost in it. And I closed my eyes with wishes of eternity at your side.

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And now I know that thanks to us, I am capable of opening up to another man. This man however will not be you.

Sometimes, unfortunately, there happens to be a negative note, to say the least. You lied to me… Had I known you had a partner, I would never have given us the slightest chance of existing. Some values and principles must mean nothing to you.

That is why I dare pronouce these words today : GOODBYE, it was love at first sight, you had barely said a word and already I was in love with you, the ondulations of our bodies were heavenly and I would have wanted every one of these moments to last forever.

Take care, think about the meaning of happiness and what you want to do with it during our short lives.


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