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Letter to my boyfriend about my feelings : I’m crazy about you

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Letter to my boyfriend about my feelings : I’m crazy about you

This is an example of a love letter you can send to your boyfriend to tell him about your feelings : the main message here is “I’m crazy about you”!

Letter to my boyfriend about my feelings : I’m crazy about you


I’ve tasted your skin, I’ve tasted your heart. You’ve fed me the antidote for pain, neurosis and fear. Sweetheart, when you look at me, your eyes have a power you can’t imagine, they soothe me, they strengthen me, they make me beautiful. Your eyes are a mirror that makes me look better, the mirror of your love for me. 

They said “don’t get ahead of yourself”, love hurts, love isn’t for you. Let it hurt! Let it destroy me! I would die for an hour in your arms. I am ready for any sacrifice, as crazy as that might make me sound. If I must one day bathe in the waters of suffering, I will forever keep the memory of your tenderness within me, it’s something I can’t regret. 

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To love so much is almost a crime. Yet I have never been so confident that, whatever may happen you are here, that whatever may happen I have you. And even if you leave, you will stay inside of me, always. I love to watch you work, concentrated, your index finger resting on your cupid’s bow , frowning. I love to watch you sleep, with closed fists like a baby, eyelids shut and breathing peacefully. I love to watch you read, serene looking. I love to watch you cook, bustling around and complaining when you get the recipe wrong. I love to watch you all the time, anywhere. 

You are my happiness, my sunshine, you brighten up my entire life, you make me better, you are benevolent, you are simply incredible. They say rare gems are hard to come by, but I have found the Arkenstone. 

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Oh sweetheart, I won’t let go of you, no, never. I wouldn’t stand your absence, I wouldn’t bear life without you. Memories swim through my mind, they are there, almost intact. I remember that party full of people, with loud music, when you gently put your hand against my cheek and then slid it down my neck, when your lips and mine met several times, delicately, like a veil. 

Love, I’m crazy about you, literally! I love you every minute of every day! 

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