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Letter to my best friend going through divorce

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Letter to my best friend going through divorce

Below is a letter of support to my best friend going through divorce.

Breakup, seperation, divorce. When you’re talking about love, those are the words you wish won’t come up. You never want to know them, suffer them, face them or live them. Unfortunately when it comes to love, a relationship can go south, a story can be short, a marriage can fall apart. That’s when you have to painfully try to move on, and it gets emotionally tough because you can’t always be resolutely down to earth. To divorce is to make decisions, to start a tiresome process, to bury yourself in paperwork, and to discover the “joy” of intricate legal and financial issues. The end of a story, the loss of illusions, the goodbyes to a part of your love life. And in that situation, there’s nothing like a precious friend to give you support, listen, cheer you up, help. So if you have a friend who’s going through a divorce, don’t hesitate to send her a kind letter, a few words to prove your friendship.

Letter to my best friend going through divorce

“You know how precious our friendship is to me. How much I consider you to be my friend, almost like a sister. And when it comes to friendship, what matters is to be there. Through the bad times and the good. To laugh but also to cry. 

Life sometimes tests us in painful and difficult ways. And grief seemingly takes up all the space. And in such cases, you shouldn’t isolate yourself.

Sharing your pain is the best way to relieve it a little. 

I wanted to tell you that I’m here for you. To listen, to give you support, but also to give you advice if I can, if you need help for any procedure you have to go through. 

I’m no going to say that you took a good or a bad decision, or that divorce is a good or a bad thing. That belongs to you. And we have discussed it before. I know that despite the relief you are sure to feel soon, or that perhaps you already feel now, you nevertheless feel drowned in dark thoughts, invaded by negative emotions. 

And especially submerged by the extent of all that you have to do. Thinking about everything, forgetting nothing. 

For you, for him, and for the kids. 

You are an exceptional woman and mother, I know that you will do everything that needs to be done to maintain a serene state of mind for them despite the sadness of the news. 

But I can imagine that managing it all gets complicated, that it implies a huge change of habits, of points of reference, of lives. 

I want you to know that I am your friend, that nothing could ever change that, and that I support you in your choices, your decisions, your actions. 

I am here for you. 

So if you need to talk, I’m here. If you need help for the paperwork, for your meetings, the formalities, don’t think twice. If you wish for me to accompany you when you have to see your lawyer or go to court, you can count on me. Same goes to helping you find a new place, a new home for you and the kids. 

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Call me at night when you can’t take it anymore and want to talk. Send me a message if you have doubts or worrisome questions. And most of all, never hesitate to ask me to be present or to come to your aid. 

I know it’s a heavy process, that you have scores of things to think about and to do and that on some days you must feel like you’re drowning. 

So just remember that I’m here.

To talk, to cry, to help you with the forms, the moving out, the moving in, the children. But also to laugh, chat, take your mind off things and go out whenever you feel like it. 

And then… once this difficult part of your life is behind you, once everything is in place, once you have found new bearings, you will be able to look to the future. You will look back without regret and realize that it was all a necessary evil. That your past remains behind you and that your future has wonderful surprises in stock.

On the other hand, you have to be aware that what was there before and isn’t going to disappear in the future, is our friendship. So one last time I’m telling you : I am here, and I will always be.” 

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