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Emotional Love Letter To My Ex Husband Right After Divorce

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Emotional Love Letter To My Ex Husband Right After Divorce

An emotional love letter written by Maggy to her ex husband right after their divorce, thank you for sharing it with us!

Emotional Love Letter To My Ex Husband Right After Divorce

My Angel, 

Today is a difficult day for me. I had to sign a piece of paper, for a divorce I never wanted. 

Yes it’s true, I’m the one one who filed for it, but I didn’t want to!! 
I did it because I needed this piece of paper to find a roof for the children. 
My Angel, yet another date that will remain in my bruised heart, unhappy, hurt and broken… 
Like May 25, when you left, miles away from us in another state, like February 14, when you moved out, like Octber 18 2015 when you started sleeping on the couch again, like August 12 2015 when, one year and a half after telling me you wanted a divorce, you came back to me, saying you didn’t want to ruin 10 years of our lives just like that. That only an idiot couldn’t change his mind. I had asked you to come back if you believed in us… and you did believe… for 2 months!! 

You hurt me a lot, and the children too.

Julia, with all the strength her 5 years on earth have given her, never gave up hope. She was the only one left to tell me that you would come back, that you were a bit of an idiot but that you still loved me!! Matt, despite being 11, “fell on his ass” as he so poetically put it!!! “Why does daddy come home after hurting us so much???” 
And then, you started drifting away once more, leaving early, coming back late… Taking off on your rest days to who knows where!! Going out alone, not wanting to take the kids!! 
And that couch… that served you as a bed for the better part of a year… became yours again after sleeping for 2 months in ours. 

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My Angel, I never ceased to love you and I never will…

You were my unique great Love, you are the father of our children, you are my life, you are… 
Seeing you today, after 3 months and 24 days was difficult. I’ve been sick for 1 week, I’ve counted the days, then the hours and today… the minutes!! 
You are so handsome, your eyes, your smile, your hands… I miss all of you and seeing them… I furiously wanted to kiss you, to hold you against me, to take your hands in mine!! And then nothing… just a shadow and a thought! 

Today you have finally been free since 11.32am… a date and a time I will never forget either!! 

When will we see each other again? Will I one day be able to look at your smile, your eyes or your mouth again? 

Today I need to turn the page, to close the book… And to move on, a little, I neatly put away the jewelry you had given me. All but my wedding ring, it’s still on my finger and will remain there a while longer I think. And that bracelet, that gorgeous bracelet that you had given me as a present when you came back last year! It’s stupid but I won’t be able to forget them now… You kind of still stay with me that way. 
And those photos of you, of us, in my wallet… They will remain a while more as well. I know I must move on, but without you… looking to the future is hard. 

I try to stay motivated, I try to say what’s done is done, and that after us, life goes on.

And for the kids, who are with me every day, I tell myself that I must be strong and happy for them. And so I will move on, slowly but surely… 

My Angel, I ever love you still. I wish I had the guts to tell you. You are and will remain my Angel. 
They say that love always wins… maybe our paths will cross again!! I want to believe.

Goodbye my love, my man, my breath, My Angel! 

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