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I Still Love You Even Though We Broke Up : An Emotional Love Letter

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I Still Love You Even Though We Broke Up : An Emotional Love Letter

Because even though you broke up, even though he ran away, even though he was scared of commitment, you still love him, here is an emotional love letter to tell him…

I Still Love You Even Though We Broke Up :


You left, just like that, without so much as a warning. You were scared, scared of us, yes, and especially of yourself, of your ability to invest yourself fully in our relationship. Of course, a couple takes time, compromise… But a couple, Mike, also is all that you have forgotten ; laughter, memories, goofing around in the pool, pillow fights, snuggling under the covers, the fusion of bodies, love overflowing, hearts beating like drums in unison. 

That is what I will remember when, in my mind’s eye, the buried souvenirs of our love-filled exchanged looks resurface.

You can run from love all your life Mike, but eventually it will catch up with you. I ran from nothing, I stayed there, waiting, waiting for a presence, for comfort, for a message, for you. I don’t know how many times I dialed the ten digits of your phone number, only to erase them immediately, because what’s the point? You are gone, it’s over. That’s what I should repeat to myself, that’s what I should understand and work into my system once and for all. 

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But no.

I still love you Mike, I can’t help it. I’m not mad at you, I accept your choice even though I don’t understand it. My heart still beats faster when I hear your name, every sign brings me back to you, every song reminds me of one of our moments, I still find crumbs of you scattered through my apartment, like that old T-shirt I found, that still smelled of you. You left me, you tore my heart in two but part of it still beats, and beats hard, hard, hard, and harder still, and calls for it’s other half. And maybe the day will come when they will be reunited once more. 

You are the man I loved the most in my entire life.

You are for that matter the only one I truly loved and I will never forget you. I will never forget your scent, the way you curled your hair around your finger, the way you looked at me, your voice when you sang under the shower, your booming communicative laughter, your furrowed eyebrows when you were angry, everything Mike, I loved everything about you! Warts and all! 

I love you, for life, for love. 

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