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Inspirational father’s day letter

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Inspirational father’s day letter

Father’s day is June 16 in 2019, so here is an inspirational letter to get your creativity flowing! 🙂

Inspirational father’s day letter


Finding the right words isn’t always easy, especially as I don’t often express my feelings. But I think I’m now old and mature enough to know what really matters, which people have always been there for me and are more important than anything! You are one of them. You have for a long time been my balance, you’ve been there for me when I was an angsty teenager, you have always respected my choices… In short, you have been a solid gold dad! 

I have been lucky to have you in my life, to know there was a shoulder I could rest on. You have always been available for me and I could never thank you enough for that! I’ve kind of overgrown making drawings – also I think they wouldn’t be half as good as when I was little, and I didn’t want to get you something that would be forgotten in a  corner of the garage. 

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No, this year I just wanted to write to you and to tell you what I think is most important : that I love you. I love you dad, I’m proud of having a father like you! You may not be the strongest but you’re the best, I hope you’ve never doubted that! 

I love you, 

Your little mouse 

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