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The best birthday speech for dad from son

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The best birthday speech for dad from son

It’s your dad’s birthday and maybe he has reached a milestone age, or maybe it’s simply an excuse to party but in any case, as his proud son, it’s the perfect opportunity to prepare the best birthday speech ever! But it isn’t always easy, finding the right words, forming powerful sentences, reminiscing good memories without sounding melodramatic… So, to give you some ideas and get your inspiration going, we offer you a speech example for your father’s birthday, in the hope that it will help you create your own. Here is the best birthday speech for dad from son !

Speech for your father’s birthday : The best birthday speech for dad from son

Dear Dad, 

On such a special day, we all got together to wish you a happy birthday. But it isn’t just about celebrating one more year spent at your side. It’s especially the occasion to tell you, through this modest speech, how much we are all proud to be here with you. How much I’m proud to be your son. 

Because yes I am. I know I haven’t told you often enough, but it’s often on my mind. Between the two of us, saying that things haven’t always been easy is an understatement. But don’t they say “like father, like son”? Because it’s true that if we are different, I’ve sure inherited from you character-wise! And if communication has never been easy between us, we have always tried for the past years to step into each other’s shoes, in order to understand the way we both work, and to soften our exchanges. 

I am proud of the man, of the father, of the husband and of the teacher you are.

You have always known how to place your duties above everything else. And I often laugh as I remember our fierce one on one soccer games in the back yard. The look and the smile on your face when I managed to ride my bike without the training wheels for the first time. And the countless times you took me to the hospital, always keeping your cool, after yet another one of my stunts! 

And I think that all of us here could word many different kinds of thank yous. Oh you can feel smug all right! But I’ll cut to the chase. Thank you for being brave, thank  you for loving mom and all of your kids every day, thank you for being here, thank you for being patient, thank you for being such a good advisor, and thank you for having knocked out that effing cancer! 

I’ll conclude not with a toast but with a huge thank you hug! Happy birthday Dad! 

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