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Maid of honor speech for your best friend sample

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Maid of honor speech for your best friend sample

Being a maid of honor for your best friend is hard work, what with the planning, support giving, surveillance missions and such, but most of all, you will be expected to deliver a memorable speech, so feel free to take a look at our maid of honor speech for your best friend sample.

Maid of honor speech for your best friend sample

Clementine, Clem, my best friend, 

Here we are, it’s happening. The situation countlessly imagined and dreamed about… Your wedding! And far from being any wedding ; your union with Matthew, a wonderful man brave enough to have put up with you for all these years! Can I say I told you so? 

I told you time and again that despite your aspirations of living out your life as a spinster, you would end up finding the man who would soften your bachelor heart, but you wouldn’t believe me! And I hope, by the way, that you remember the bet we made… Because I won. But I guess that in this case, it’s a sweet defeat for you! 

Because when I look at you today, next to your now to be called husband, I just can’t keep from smiling. You form a beautiful couple. Two soumates finally reunited! The slightest word, movement or look… Love shows! And I have no doubt about your ability to make each other happy. Because as opposed in character as you may be, together you are complete and yet equal. 

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Clementine, I know you have found the man who will accompany you through the trials of life, who will have the strength and will to keep your boat afloat as the years go by. Matthew, I know you have found the woman who will fulfill you and help you build the plans you both have together. 

Clementine, You and I have been through so many adventures! But today, even though I will always be there for you and you know it, the greatest adventure in your life begins with Matthew! So live it to the fullest, and never forget to both love and respect your partner like you do since day one! 

Clementine, Matthew, I wish both of you all the happiness and love in the world. I raise my glass tonight in your honor and congratulate you once again – and then I’ll stop before I start crying – for your amazing wedding!

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