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The most emotional and beautiful eulogy for a mother from her daughter

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The most emotional and beautiful eulogy for a mother from her daughter

This is one of the most emotional and beautiful eulogy for a mother from her daughter we have ever seen, special thanks to S for having shared it with us in these difficult times.

A mother’s funeral : The most emotional and beautiful eulogy for a mother from her daughter

Thank you for being here today to celebrate the life of our Sylvia. 

We are all different. Different of bodies, different in our stories, different in what we value most and different in what we believe in. But if one thing brings us all together as one, it’s love. 

Our mother, Sylvia, was in love. True love, love that doesn’t wait for anything in return. She gave it all her life without ever counting, judging or thinking twice about it. Her actions with various organizations helped the young, the old, the sick, the poor. There was only one big community in her eyes. 

She shared with everyone. She shared with those who didn’t share because she knew, in the back of her head, that sharing and unconditional love strengthened the soul and brought inner peace. 

She gave so much because deep down, she had the feeling of never having received enough. The torments of her childhood, of her past, her high sensitivity… she conjured it all by giving to others, a lot, till it was almost sacrificial. 

She dreamed of an ideal world in which humans would live together in peace and respect. 

Today, from where she is, she becomes the discreet magician protecting those she has loved with her warm light.

These past months have been tough for our father who was left on his own, accompanying her on the unavoidable path of death. Dad, your presence is discreet, benevolent, solid, daily and supportive. Full of respect, often in silence, a silence stronger than words. Dad, know that we are here. We are here for you and here with you. 

Our parents have been surrounded by friends, cousins and the wonderfull medical staff. All have been available and have listened, helping to lessen the pain of the body or mind at every step the sickness took. 

A weekened body, affected and ill, worries us and puts us ill at ease. It confronts us to our deepest fears of disappearance, of Darkness, of pain, of Afterlife. 

But the sick body and the suffering mind need a helping hand, an ear to listen and a heart to love. 

Such a situation takes us out of our comfort zone because we don’t know how to act or react…

Sylvia the selfless taught us how to fight our fears and give some time, a smile, an affectionate gesture to those who suffer in their bodies or minds… Acts of generosity and sharing that make us grow and teach us gratitude. 

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Sylvia the selfless, the compassionate, the generous, the funny, the adventurer, the ever dancing, the sportswoman, the once beautiful maiden… 

Sylvia loved to laugh, a lot, all the time, till she could barely stop. And even in her last moments of consciousness, she laughed. I remember Sylvia and her friend Mary in the home. They were deep in conversation and I was only able to comprehend very little of what was being said. But they laughed for fifteen minutes straight and so did I. We laughed till we cried. A beautiful moment of life, as close as it may have been to the end…. 

We believe in an eternal soul, in the body being a vehicle. 

A vehicle on a path going up and down. A path of learning, of spiritual growth. We believe souls stay connected for all of eternity. It’s reassuring to think that Sylvia is here, all around, guiding and protecting us. 

Today, let us rise and stay up. Let us drink to Sylvia’s rich life and to the lives of those who remain on the tortuous path of life. 

May love and peace be with you all… 

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