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30th birthday speech for a friend example

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30th birthday speech for a friend example

If you’re invited to one of your friends 30th birthday party and wish to deliver a memorable speech, here is a sample to help you find inspiration! Here is a 30th birthday speech for a friend example !

30th birthday speech for a friend example

My lil’ Max,

Well, “little”, forgive the expression, I should say “old”! My old friend Max, I prepared a speech today in honor of your 30 circles around the sun and of our friendship. I’m no Hemingway but the quill I have written with, I have dipped in my heart (see I made efforts)!

Today, we have all gathered :

your family, your friends and our everlasting gang. It’s like we were just celebrating your 18th yesterday, like we were off to college tomorrow, but no. Time goes by so fast and yet you haven’t changed a bit. You have the same lover boy’s smile, the same cheeks, the same waistline… OK a few more wrinkles but no more than the rest of us, and you’re still as good looking as ever, it would be dishonest not to point it out!

Six years ago, you made a bit (a lot) of room in your heart in order to let Mary in and build the wonderful family that unites the two of you today. A

nd so, we’re all a bit jealous, we have to admit, because you have been successful in many ways : with work, with love, with friendship, leave some for the rest of us OK? We’re all proud of you Max, of what you’ve achieved and especially of having a friend like you, always there when we need you, to laugh with, to drink pints with, even to cry with sometimes. You have always been a pillar of the gang, your confidence and easy comebacks have always made us laugh, but it’s your sensitivity, as hidden as it sometimes is, that allowed us to trust and confide in you.

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We share so many memories that I would need a whole week just to point them out, and my brain isn’t what it used to be!

I remember all the pranks we pulled in highschool, our first binge, our first joint, our first loves, our five minute fights, entire days at the park, playing soccer till the sun went down. I remember all of our first apartments, and especially yours, Max, a shoebox really. I remember your neighbors who screamed at the slightest noise, I remember our studies with their ups and downs. But what I remember most is the force that has always united us.

Max, buddy, I wish you the best birthday ever! We’re only 30 once, so don’t hold back! We will always be there, for your forty, fifty and even one hundred, old man!

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