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Speech for a friend’s birthday : An emotional birthday speech sample

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Speech for a friend’s birthday : An emotional birthday speech sample

It’s you friend’s birthday and that’s a big deal, it might be a huge milestone, or simply an occasion to party with the whole gang, but whatever it may represent, you chose to prepare a nice emotional little speech. But it isn’t always easy to find the right words, the right twists, to bring back memories without sounding mushy… So to give you some ideas and get the inspiration going, here is an example of a birthday speech for a friend. Hope it helps!

Speech for a friend’s birthday : An emotional birthday speech sample


First of all, let me wish you a happy and excellent birthday!!! 20 years already, my little Camcam is growing up… I hope with all my heart that the coming year will bring you lots of joy and happiness. This birthday being unique, I think it important to honor it as it should! Which is why I’ve decided to prepare this little speech! 

We’ve known each other, you and I, since elementary… And for all that time I never regretted a single moment spent with you. Whenever there was mischief, we were part of it, and I think that having you as my best friend was one of the most beautiful things that has ever happened to me, and no gift could express the feeling of friendship I have for you. 

Who could have imagined that the little girl sitting next to me in kindergarten would have become the gorgeous woman you are today? And that our first “encounter” (you were sent to the ER after I bumped into you ^^) would be the starting point of a long and beautiful friendship? 

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From our memorable fits of laughter during class to our inevitable shopping sprees downtown and our vacations at Jersey Shore, or our The Voice sessions at the karaoke around the block… We have shared unbelievable moments together!!! 

Your overflowing and communicative joy, as well as your rock solid optimism have always helped the people around you greatly. But what I love most about you, even more than your other numerous qualities, is your loyalty and sincerity. Always there when we need you, and always speaking your mind… We know we can always count on you! And that’s how you know the difference between a friend and a best friend. 

So thank you for being the wonderful friend you are, never change! And a very happy birthday Camcam! 

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