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Emotional wedding vows for couples living together

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Emotional wedding vows for couples living together

If you’ve been living together for years, maybe even have kids together and you now want to get married, here are examples of emotional wedding vows for couples already living together.

Emotional wedding vows for couples living together

My Love, today I’m at a loss for words to describe how overwhelmed by emotion I am. I look at you, marvelous in your dress, wearing that signature smile I love so much. I am so moved by the idea of becoming your husband, and of you becoming my wife.

Eight years of love, 2,920 days together shared. This love brought us Lola, our little blond angel, our treasure.

And today, we’re taking the ultimate step that is marriage. I hadn’t imagined how emotional I would get. I am by nature rather cold (as you sometimes tell me), and it’s true that I keep a lot inside. But today, I want to explode. Explode joyfully from all the love you have brought me for all these years, from all the love that I give you and that I will keep giving to you forever.

It has always been you, Laeti.

You and I, it must have been written in the stars, it had to happen. I’m convinced that some people are meant to be together. We are the living proof of that. Sure, we have been through storms, climbed over mountains. And we’ll probably meet a few clouds now and then, but our couple is solid and with you, I know nothing is impossible. We have had each other’s back since the beginning and we will have it till the end.

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I would like to thank you, on this unique day, for having put so much color into my life.

I have learned the importance of attention and dialogue thanks to you, and also of small daily gestures, the importance of remembering why we love and have loved each other every day. When I look at you today, I wonder how I could ever forget it, because every day, I fall in love with you all over again. I love your passionate character that sometimes rushes through my heart head on, I love your booming and infectious laughter, I love your joie de vivre, I love your perfectionist side, I love everything about you, even your imperfections.

You have filled me with joy for eight years and made me the most happy dad in the world for almost two.

We have yet many wonderful plans to make, maybe that countryside house we’ve been dreaming about for years and that could well become reality. It would be our safe haven. I love you my Laeti, thank you.

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