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I love you letter for him from the heart : Long love letter for him

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I love you letter for him from the heart : Long love letter for him

A gorgeous letter written by a woman for her man in which she really says I love you from the heart… Enjoy! Here is “I love you love letter for him from the heart”

I love you letter for him from the heart : Long love letter for him

Hello my love…

Here is a letter… The umpteenth. I stopped counting a long time ago.
You know me, and you know more than anyone how easy it is for me to reveal myself, while comfortably hidden behind my quill… As much as it is distressing to express my feelings while your dark eyes plunge into mine, steeling away my words before I can even speak them.

Am I a coward… No, really I’m a victim of this state of blurriness  I find myself in everytime you’re there, everytime you look at me, smile or offer me your arms.
Here come my feelings once again, about to delicately land on the sheet of paper, to glide passionately across the white page, which will soon be covered with all that my heart feels most strongly for you, my love.

This morning I woke up before you… I watched you sleep.

I observed as your lids trembled, anxious for the moment they would open up upon this new day. 
I tenderly spotted the rebel tuft of hair that always forms come the night on the top of your head.
I brushed my hand against your cheek, without you noticing.

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I cuddled up against you without trying nnot to wake you, I lay my head against your torso… Cradled by your beathing and heart beats… I lustily breathed in the scent of your skin, thinking there was not a single place in the world where I’d rather be. I kissed your hands, lovingly, before completing the gap between my fingers with yours. And I thought back upon my teenage dreams… How many times I had dreamed about that moment… How many times I had tried to draw an imaginary portrait of the man who would become the center of my existence… And today here you are… You are more beautiful than everything I had dreamed about, I see you, I feel you, and I wake up next to you.
Whenever I was far away from you, my first thought when I woke up was for you, my first tear and my first smile also. And I thought impatiently about the moment you would hold me in your arms again.

You are so close to me, and I realize how lucky I am, that it was worth the wait, and that my entire being is flooded with happiness.

My love, this morning still, when you kissed me, I felt my lips burn from this intact and limitless passion.
When your hands glided across my body, not a single one of my senses escaped from ecstasy…
And in our loving embrace, I was hot, yet I shivered, and it was as if I flew away, so high, so far… In the infinite immensity of my love.
I would give away my life for yours.

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My existence finds its reason in each moment spent here, so close, nestled in you.

I just wanted to say, to write once more… I love you.


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