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I don’t love you anymore letter : A sad and emotional letter

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I don’t love you anymore letter : A sad and emotional letter

Because life goes on, but I don’t love you anymore, here is a sad and emotional letter…

I don’t love you anymore letter : A sad and emotional letter


My words stumble on the sheet of paper, they seem to be running away. The letters mix up in my mind, hide behind each other and form nothing but nebulous clouds of paragraphs. And the result answers only too well to my heartbeat’s unbearable echo. Sadness goes up a notch everytime I try to be clear, because already I know the dire effect my feelings will cause you. I don’t want you to suffer, believe me! 

We’ve been together for four years. An easy equation :

Two years of passion, love and fusion + two years of boredom and fights. It’s a clear verdict in my opinion. I have too great a need of living, of feeling beautiful and loved. We’re not thirty yet and already we look like our parents! I watch my future grow stiller with every passing day, like a prison door soon to be closed for good. Let me go, let me run away. 

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Deep down I’m a coward. It’s true, I could offer for us to make efforts, to try and save our couple… But I don’t want to. Monotony and daily routine defeated me, they tore off my arms and destroyed my goals one by one. Until they stole the one I held most dear : wanting to be with you. 

I have hoped love would return. I have waited, waited…

Sometimes, I could feel a small flame flickering deep down in my heart. And go out just as fast, leaving nothing but an empty coldness in my soul. I suffer too. I suffer when I think about what we’ve lived ; about the beginning, about us when we were meant for one another. I remember our smiles, our memories… all the new wounds we’ll have to put away, burn or hide in boxes in the attic… 

Delete, start over. I’m scared. But I don’t love you anymore. And I don’t want to. You always have a choice in life. I have made mine. I will face the consequences with tears in my eyes. I only hope you will understand that I can not fight against my lack of feelings, and also that you won’t be too angry with me. I will never forget you, you are like a print on my brain, it would be impossible even if I tried.

I loved you. 

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