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How to tell if I still love him : 7 signs you don’t love him anymore

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How to tell if I still love him : 7 signs you don’t love him anymore

Wanna know if you still love him and looking for a sign? Dial 781 452 4077 to reach the randolovexpert hotline!! Where a random love expert will gladly share his… random love expertiiise! So, you wonder How to tell if I still love him ? Here are 7 signs you don’t love him anymore

But seriously, it’s not simple to admit love has ended when it was still powerful only a few months before. A break up is always painful, there’s nothing you can do about that. However, it is sometimes preferable to end the relationship than to artificially try to bring back lost desires of old or the crazy passion of your early days and to try to revive at all cost a past love. Even if it’s difficult, imagine the horror of living with the corpse of a couple you once thought indestructible. No… better move on.

In this article, I will give you several tools to help you find out if the love you feel for your companion has definitely vanished or if it’s just a phase. It’s important not to mix up recurring fights due to a difficult context and a real lack of love/desire for the other.

If the situations I’m going to talk about seem very familiar to you, maybe it’s time to ask yourself the right questions! Your love shines better in the open!

Hello…? Communication breakdown

You used to tell each other everything. Not necessarily very important things but you enjoyed sharing your small daily joys, the news, the jerk who bumps into you every morning on the subway, the sanswich you gave to a homeless guy in the neighborhood… In short you talked about everything and nothing. But now it’s only nothing. And I don’t mean the secrets you want to hide from him in order to maintain a state of general satisfaction or even the last bill you received that will really hurt your finances… No, I mean silence. A powerful silence that seems to have fallen between you. Your partner becomes the last person you want to confide in and even the prospect of possible conversation is tiresome.

You can’t fight it. You can pretend for a while but eventually you will break. One day you will wake up next to him and wonder what you’re even doing there. You will by then have become roommates more than a solid couple living together… It’s fatal… Your relationship is already dead.

Your partner’s flaws act like a veil covering your eyes

When you love your partner, you see him with bewitching eyes, a seductive smile, you like his hilarious jokes, his scent and his awesome mixed berries crumble!! You are aware of his minor flaws but they are far beneath his wonderful qualities. In fact, you like his flaws : he woud be so much less interesting without that cutest hint of jealousy.

When you don’t love your partner anymore, or at least when he disappoints you, you end up only seeing the mountain of dishes he didn’t wash, the cloths he didn’t hang up to dry, his dirty plate that now seems to permanently live on the table, his stupid laugh, his bad jokes, the growing spot on his nose…

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The question is : has the superhero you live with disappeared forever or is it only a phase? What exactly do you blame him for? Not being perfect? Growing a beer belly, being on your back too much? Warning, the importance you give to someone tends to diminish very easily and quickly. In the beginning, the other is on a pedestal with the firm intention of staying there… And then the infamous day comes when you wake up in the morning to find that your lover’s delicious body against which you loved to snuggle has transformed into an old dry scabrous lizard.

You’re so bored when you’re with him

Daily routine has invaded your vital space. Routine is unfortunately an obligation when you’re living as a couple but it can very well be managed with the efforts of both involved. Only today, you’re under the impression of being smothered by this routine, crushed, slowly destroyed.

You come home in the evening, eat with your sweetheart, watch TV, go to bed, and that’s it. You don’t even want to share anything with him because you’re so utterly bored in his presence. You can’t wait for the next day to get back to your colleagues or friends from college. You laugh all the time with others but not with HIM. You grew tired.

You definitely don’t desire him anymore

In the evening, you apprehend the fateful moment when mister wants to get physical. You are totally turned off for no identifiable reason. You simply don’t want him anymore. You may go to the extent of forcing yourself to satisfy him so that he doesn’t overthink things. You prefer having “quickies”, short intercourse, than long moments of sensual love. You fake it and do everything he wants in the hope that he finishes as soon as possible and puts an end to this annoying moment.

In short, your lust for him has totally vaporized. And this lack of desire doesn’t originate from a difficult phase or problems at work… No, you don’t really know the reason yourself. You’re just not so into him anymore…

The grass is always greener on the other side

Not only do you not feel like making love with your sweetheart anymore, but you also start noticing and fantasising about having sex with other men. When you go out in the evening with your friends, you sometimes want to flirt with that handsome dark haired stranger who has been staring your way, which is far from bothering you. And what if I was better in that handsome stranger’s arms? And what if that’s what I needed : to totally turn my life around? Change partner  and start afresh? And what if I had a one night stand, who would ever know? These questions keep popping up in your mind and you don’t really know what’s what anymore.

And all these couples you’re giving the stink eye to. These couples who look so happy, so stable, so in love. How do they do it? Do they still love each other after a relationship of eight years? You don’t understand your relationship and you start getting jealous of those who appear to be living the dream.

Plans in common make you uneasy

Booking tickets for Bali this summer? 9 months in advance?????? That’s asking too much of you. You doubt yourself too much to enroll in a long term project. Unconsciously, You are way too afraid of leaving your companion before then.

If making any plan, whatever it is, scares you, long term ones in common tend to paralyze you and force you to ponder your relational situation.

You associate your couple with a Tragedy

Moments of drama occure more often in your couple than moments of joy. So you tend to associate your relationship to a Tragedy, with suffering and grief rather than with happiness. Your couple only exists through the act of tearing it up.

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