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How to write a breakup letter to someone you love ? A beautiful sample

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How to write a breakup letter to someone you love ? A beautiful sample

Sometimes life has it’s reason, and if you are wondering how to write a breakup letter to someone you love, you should take a look at our beautiful sample below :

How to write a breakup letter to someone you love ?

Because you are sacred. Because you have turned my life upside down.

Because I love you so much I’m going to leave you.

My love,

I want to make you laugh like you never laughed before ;

To bury myself in your arms ;

To watch you burn beneath my fingers and smile in your sleep ;

To promise you life ;

To give you willpower ;

To see you blush with pleasure ;

To take you away in the rain ;

To feel you grow older against me.

Tonight, I want us to rest forever. I want us to walk on top of the world. I want us to be done with habits and to self-proclaim ourselves a new couple.

But tonight, I’m going to leave you.

Because you eyes went dry. And their spark is long gone.

Talk to me my love. Talk to me. Tell me.

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It hurts so damn much. You’re dying before my very eyes. I can feel your breath stop when I get too close to your skin.

Something isn’t there anymore. And will never be back.

You are gone. You are no longer mine. You are her’s alone now.

Your hand is cold and yet you chose not to let go of mine.

Your body no longer breathes and yet keeps calling me.

I don’t want to imagine you with her, but watching you fade away is beyond my strength.

It’s killing me softly.

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Speak to me my love. Tell me you don’t love me anymore. That you want to fly away. Live. Be  done with fear, empty days and vain nights.

Tonight I will tell you to leave. To go to her. To live.

Because if to you, happiness is being against her, then run my love. Run and don’t look back. Don’t think twice. Don’t take me into account.

I want you to find your laughter again. To dig out your dreams. Your blazing joy.

Run away from me my love.

Don’t worry, whatever you do, I am blessed for having lived against you.

Even if you’re far away ;

Even if you need her arms to live ;

Even if you smile again because I’m not there ;

I have nothing left that you could need. Game over my love ;

I will go crazy maybe, but happy crazy to know you’re alive, at least ;

My memories, fleeting times of joy, moments engraved in my heart, will be my treasures. Scattered ashes. But fires burned out that once were. That once brought color to my life, my being, my soul.

Don’t sacrifice yourself, angel, not for me. 

Follow your path and forget my pain.

Thank you.

Thank you for trying.

And walking through my life. That goes on…


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