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Emotional heart broken letter to say I’m gonna miss you

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Emotional heart broken letter to say I’m gonna miss you

This is a love letter written after a breakup to express regret. Because breakups can be incredibly painful, and writing can be a good way of evacuating negative emotions… Here is an emotional heart broken letter to say I’m gonna miss youEmotional heart broken letter to say I’m gonna miss you

Emotional heart broken letter to say I’m gonna miss you

Oh my heart aches. My heart aches of feeling so empty. I am empty of you. You aren’t here anymore. I ended up giving up, telling you I couldn’t take the torture you were inflicting me anymore, and walking away. So that’s it, I think I left for real.

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And I feel empty. I don’t know what I feel deep inside of me. Sometimes I choke up and tears end up dying on my cheeks, because I won’t see you ever again, I won’t ever again feel your lips against mine, or your hands upon my skin ; because I’m going to miss you. Other times I think about you and I understaand that you will never bring me what I need, and that walking away was the best option I had. I sometimes still think about our times together and they make me smile, and their magic makes me happy. And also, I believe that you will forever be in my heart, that you have been the passionate love I had always been looking for, the love for which I have lost my mind, for which I have lost touch with reality. I gave up on you, yes, but I have loved you so much that a part of me will always be yours, with you, on your doorstep. And I well know that I will come across bits of me scattered around when I dissapear under the sheets, or when something will make me think of you.

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I will most certainly keep on going, without you, but I will never be able to forget what I have felt for you. I will never stop regretting not having lived our story to its full extent. And unfinished sickens me. It has a sour taste, persistent, that won’t go away. That hurts. And so I will always hope that you come back to me, that in a few weeks you come back and tell me that you are dying to see me, that you need me, that your heart misses me, that your life misses me. Even though I imagine so well that you won’t. And eventually maybe I will be the one to come screaming these words at you… Oh my heart aches. 


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