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An open letter to my boyfriend who is afraid of commitment

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An open letter to my boyfriend who is afraid of commitment

This open letter describes the thoughts of a woman whose boyfriend is afraid of commitment, and she wishes to obtain answers concerning his feelings. Read on… 

An open letter to my boyfriend who is afraid of commitment


What life gave us must have had odds of one in a million ; you were my first love and I was yours. Fifteen years later, we met again, our love unchanged, and the fire in our eyes still burning bright. I am proud and happy of living this romance with you, I doubt that many people can say the same. 

If today I’m taking the time to write you this letter, to put words on my feelings, it’s to talk about a subject that weighs heavy on my heart and that leaves many questions about our plans together unanswered.

I can see that you’ve been struggling to identify what you really want for eight months now.

Every step forward is followed by a two step drawback. Your fear of commitment has become communicative, how could I be serene and not question the future when I am the only one keeping faith? Maybe it makes you suffer as well, but it doesn’t make you react, and at the very least you don’t even try to comfort me. 

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For eight months I have suffered your uneven behavior, for eight months I have suffered from your fears – only love has given me the strength to keep going. 

I’m tired. 

The whole situation is destroying me, and the love I bear you with it. I think you can understand that it’s only normal for me to try and protect myself ; that I don’t wish to rush head-on into a one-way relationship. I so much wish I could make you react, and the more so because I am aware that you have feelings for me. Do you truly want to lose me again? If you don’t have a clear answer to that, there is nothing to hope for anymore. 

I can’t spend my whole life waiting and risk seeing my greatest joys-that-could-have-been fade into oblivion.

I need to know where you want to be, what you want, what you imagine when you look to the future. You have to know that I will always be there for you, in the good times and in the bad. It’s with you that I imagine my life, present and future, it’s with you that I want to start a family. But I can’t do any of that if you simply don’t let me in. I’m ready to do a lot for you, but I need to know if your feelings are worth it, and if we share the same will of building something together. 

I hope you can clear all my doubts… I love you. 

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