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A Beautiful Merry Christmas Letter To My Parents

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A Beautiful Merry Christmas Letter To My Parents

Love isn’t just about romanticism, it’s also what you feel for your family, so here is a beautiful Merry Cristmas letter to give you ideas if you want to write one to your parents!

And remember, the beauty of a letter lies not only in its content, but also in its presentation, so if you’re going for maximum emotional effect, think calligraphy or even red wax seal!

A Beautiful Merry Christmas Letter To My Parents

Mom, Dad, 

I know I haven’t always acted the perfect son. I was a troublemaker in my youth, I rarely listened to what you had to say and when I did I relished doing the opposite. I broke the rules, I sometimes wasn’t very respectful… The good thing about growing up is that your perspective shifts. I understand better now the precautions parents take with their children, and that what’s forbidden is for good reason, and not just to be annoying. 

I understand all of that now, at age 30, and I guess you’ll agree it was about time! I’m happy today, I know where I’m going, I grew and I have you to thank for all of that, because it’s you after all, who showed me the path to happiness, even if I’ve swayed off track from time to time. 

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Just a few years back, you got on my nerves so bad that I didn’t want to see you anymore. And then I realized that in a way, you were my foundations, and that without you I would fall. I would never have wanted to have other parents than you, even if I may have said otherwise when anger got the better of me. You gave me your best shot and provided me with love aplenty all my life. And now I’m so full of love that I can’t find enough people to give it back to! 

Mom, Dad, thanks, thank you for everything. For the life you gave me, for the happiness you’ve shared, for your advice and even (never thought I’d say that one day), for my time outs! I wish you a wonderful Christmas! 

I love you guys, 

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