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A Beautiful Letter to My Husband on His 30th Birthday

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A Beautiful Letter to My Husband on His 30th Birthday

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Obviously, for your husband’s birthday, you’ll be looking to please him – the elusive original gift, the legendary bullseye idea… After years spent together and as many birthdays shared, it isn’t always easy to stay on top of your game. And even if it’s the thought that counts, it’s only normal to seek the “wow” effect. And you can’t go wrong with a love letter ; because at the end of the day, what’s most important are the unchanged feelings of strong love that you have both shared through your years of marriage. So put a smile on his heart, and whatever other earthly present you go for, top it off with a beautiful love letter!

A Beautiful Letter to My Husband on His 30th Birthday

“My love,    

For your birthday this year, I wanted to mark the occasion with a few words of love, our love, to accompany my best wishes. Wishes of a happy birthday of course, but not only.

I tried to fill this letter with all my love. And to unburden it of our daily hassles, our downs that sometimes counterbalance our ups, as with every couple really, our occasional fights and misunderstandings, the rare moments of tension we have known. Not that I’m forgetting them, I’m not in denial, but today I deliberately choose to celebrate our love at the same time as I do your birthday. And I want nothing in this letter to sound anything like reproach, doubt or regret. 

Why do my words flow so easy when it comes to my love for you? Because even if our couple isn’t perfect, even if I’m aware that we are – as so many other married men and women are – in a time of crisis, never have I ever been afraid of losing us. No, never have I questioned our union, doubted your feelings or put my love for you in question. 

So let me tell you in my own way how I love you, through this letter. 

First of all, and once more, I wish you a very beautiful birthday. An other one, an other year – how time flies when I’m at your side! It went through lightspeed the moment I started sharing your life… That’s how it feels anyway. 

Your birthday, mine, and our wedding anniversary : all of them milestone dates scattered through the year, through our life as a couple, all of them making me realize how right I have been when I said “I do”. 

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I wanted to seize the occasion of your birthday to tell you once  more how strong my love for you is, to tell you how much I love you. And how happy I am to be living with you. To be your wife. 

Yes, I wanted to take the time for us to tell each other what we know implicitly, but that we don’t always take the time to say or write anymore. I wanted this birthday to not just to be an excuse for a romantic dinner or a party with family or friends. Not just about candles on a delicious cake and a nicely wrapped gift. 

Even if of course – goes without saying – you will get all of that as well. Because getting you to enjoy your birthday is a pleasure for me too and I’m happy to be a part of it. 

Happy to see you smile, laugh, having fun, being King of the Day and falling back into childhood as you open your presents, eyes gleaming as you wonder what surprises await you within. 

But in addition to the party, I thought emotion also had its place today. 

You know my taste for romanticism and my slight melodramatic side! 

I don’t have a single doubt about your sincerity towards me, about your love for me, about the trust you place in our couple, about our marriage. I feel safe near you, I feel good, loved, happy and I wanted to thank you for all of this. 

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Yes, I wanted to say thank you for your love for me because when combined with mine, it gives us this wonderful chance of loving us so, so much. Of having loved each other for several years and of loving each other still and always. 

So in addition to my words of love, I wished to thank you, you, the marvelous man I married, my husband, my soulmate. Thank you for having made me a fulfilled woman, a wife both loving and loved.” 

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