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Wonderful love letter to say happy new year my love

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Wonderful love letter to say happy new year my love

If you want to wish your sweetheart a happy new year, and do so in the form of a wonderful love letter, we just so happen to have what you’re looking for!

Wonderful love letter to say happy new year my love

My love, 

The new year is already drawing closer, time does seem to fly with you! I wish you all the happiness, good health and love in the world. May this new year bring you the joy and success you deserve. In regards to love, I promise I will continue to love you as best as I can, and that I will keep not being able to take my eyes off you every minute I’m near you. I had never in my life been addicted to any man as I am to you. Your warmth, your voice, your smile bewitch me, I guess I could die a happy man : you did turned my life into Heaven. 

You are my daily happiness! What could I wish for myself in 2020 that 2019 hasn’t brought? The year has been so tender, so beautiful… May it go on that way forever! My resolutions? Loving you even more? Is it even possible? My heart overflows with love for you, sometimes I even realize how corny and foolish I sound. But it’s good to feel important for someone you hold so dear. 

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One way love has happened to me before. With you, I learned what the verb “to love” truly meant. I understand that love isn’t only a breathless passion. It has more to do with building, looking in the same direction, walking hand in hand, being a team, talking through disagreements, fighting hard but making love even harder, whispering I love yous in the morning before getting up. Love is smiling while watching you sleep. 

Thank you for filling my soul with joy. 

I love you with a love so big it can not be defined. 

I wish you once again a wonderful year 2020, and mark my words, every year that we will live together will be more wonderful still. 

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