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The most beautiful love letter for a long distance relationship

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The most beautiful love letter for a long distance relationship

If you want to write the most beautiful love letter for your partner and you’re currently in a long distance relationship, go ahead and take a look at our latest example of love-filled prose 🙂

The most beautiful love letter for a long distance relationship :

My love, my precious, precious love, 

Every time I end a letter, I think of the thousand things I yet had to tell you. The only one I never leave out is that I love you. I love you, I love you, I love you. I could fill up thousands of  pages with that one simple sentence. It fills my mind every day, all the time, everywhere. You are my fix, your absence deprives me of energy, of oxygen. I hate it when we part, when we say goodbye, I hate watching your silhouette fade away from my body. I am nothing without you, without your scent, without your skin. My Love, your are my life’s treasure, the most beautiful, the greatest, the most admirable, the most perfect in every way for me. 

I miss your arms, I am ripped apart by your tenderness when it leaves me, crushed by your heart when I no longer hear it beat.  

I would do anything – anything – to make you happy, sometimes my thoughts even scare me… But I know you wouldn’t always like it and I want you to like me. I sometimes have awful fears ; contradictory feelings. I’m afraid that you’ll leave me, abandon me. I wouldn’t be able to take it. You are so dear to my heart, my soul would be too fragile to take such a blow. With you, I am flooded in happiness, flooded in love so true that I sometimes wonder if it’s real. 

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Hold me tight against your heart, the beats keep me alive, make me alive even. 

To love so much is almost a crime! I can’t sleep at night anymore, I’m too agitated when you’re far away. I dream you, I want you, I bite you, I bury my nails in you, my Love I love you. It’s violent and brutal and yet so soft and tender. You make me crazy, crazy about you. You are the most dangerous man I know, a word from you could kill me. 

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I love our love and I love loving you! 

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