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Speech for my sister’s wedding example : An inspirational wedding speech

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Speech for my sister’s wedding example : An inspirational wedding speech

Your sister is getting married, and you naturally wish to prepare a speech for the wedding, however, you stumble on words, idioms, and wonder how to talk about your good memories together without overdoing it, so to help you find inspiration for this unique wedding, here is an example you can read while you’re working on it! It’s easier listening to other people’s speeches than delivering one yourself! I hope this wedding remains etched forever in the minds of those who attend it, and share with you this speech, hoping it will help you with yours. Here is a speech for my sister’s wedding !

Speech for my sister’s wedding

Julia, my sister, my Juju,

We are all gathered here today, not without emotion, in the honor of your wedding. I will never forget the day you introduced Christian to us, the tall fit bloke from the south of France! You kept repeating how incredibly good at rugby he was… You praised his adventurer spirit, in your eyes he could climb the tallest mountains… You knew a part of me would respond to that and that I would like him! But what struck me the most the first time was that look. That look you exchanged. That mix of true love, tenderness, respect, that pure chemistry between the two of you. It was clear you weren’t faking it! From then on, I was never worried about your future in common!

Julia, you and I have been through rough times these past few years. We were so close when we were kids but as years went by, we chose different paths. It’s not always easy being brother and sister when we behave in ways so radically different! And if our fights were rare, they were all the more intense! And those moments, this image of a loving and understanding sister, present in good and more difficult times, will stay forever in my memory. Julia, my little big sister, I wanted to tell you that you have been, that you are, and that you always will be a role model whom I can look up to.

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Today I’m not the only one sharing your life anymore and I couldn’t be happier! Because you have found the person who will know how to love and cherish you. You make each other better, I could see that ever since you’ve started dating, you make each other happy, and it shows. It shows all the more on this exceptional day!

And starting today, even if I’m still your beloved bro, you won’t come to me anymore to share your pains and angers. Christian will now have the joy of sharing with you daily the good times and the bad. And I know he will do just fine, oh yes he will! 

Julia, Christian, I wish you all the love and happiness in the world. Tonight I raise my glass in your honor, and congratulate you once again, not without emotion, for your wonderful wedding.

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