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Funny and humorous wedding speech example

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Funny and humorous wedding speech example

The big day is coming up and your brother, sister or buddy is getting maried and you’re his/her best man/maid of honor, you’re nervous, you need to live up to the task with a speech both funny and humorous, you need to make a speech people will remember, and lucky for you, we have just the example to show you)! You don’t want anything too pompous, you want the audience to laugh. So here, for you, is an example for a funny and humorous wedding speech.

Example of a funny and humorous wedding speech

Ladies and Gentlemen, 

I am in front of you, me, as a witness, as a very special character, as the teller of this wonderful love story in honor of which we’re all here today. They call me “the best man”.

You are in front of me, all of you, spectators, family and friends of our two incredible stars.

I have composed this romantic piece myself, and as you can easily imagine, it has been inspired by a true story. All characters and other entities appearing in this work are real. 

Let me introduce the two main characters :

In the role of the (almost) perfect groom, it is my honor to present Mr Ryan Tello, dreamy, bright smile, bow tie and ocean blue eyes.

In the role of the (almost) perfect bride, please welcome Sally Genero, who today became Sally Tello, marvelous, breathtaking and known for her legendary sens of humor!

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The way they met was, sorry for saying so, a total accident. Sally was late for a business meeting and Ryan literally ran into her – not very different from “Notting Hill”. Yep, that’s our Big R for you. Sally, wet from the rain, muddy from the pavement and now way too late to make it to her meeting, accepted to have a cup of coffee with lover boy over there. From a cancelled meeting, love was born. For better and for worse (because Ryan’s love for Sally didn’t just make his clumsiness disappear), both lovers said “yes” today. 

On this day, you, them, I, have had our eyes filled with tears by their intense great love. But please dry them, I think the food was salty enough tonight 😉

They are in love, wonderful, fabulous and many other adjectives. They have found each other never to part. My friends, I wish you the very best, happiness, health and love! Long live the bride and groom!

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