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Sad and painful text about love : I no longer believe in love

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Sad and painful text about love : I no longer believe in love

We have called the following sad and painful text about love : “I no longer believe in love”. Get out the handkerchiefs !

Sad and painful text about love : I no longer believe in love

The clock keeps on ticking and here I am, sitting on my bed and trying to chase you from my thoughts. It works for a couple of minutes before you force your way back in. I pick up my phone once again to read your last words. Not so your last words as ours. I don’t expect us to talk anymore. Because I’m leaving today, against my heart’s desire. I’m leaving while knowing full well that you are and will always be the one I will love for the rest of my life. I know so, and never have I loved in such a way before. So, yes, maybe I will one day manage to love someone else, but that someone will have to be able to break the ice sheet I have now set up to protect my heart.

I don’t want to see people’s good sides anymore. Neither do I want to see what good they have to offer, as I used to. To think too much about their good sides only leads you to open your heart way too easily. And a day may come when good sides are not enough and that’s when a heart breaks. Starting today, I promise myself never to open my heart up again. Don’t count on me to give anything to anyone anymore. I promise to see and understand that people are bad, and that they only break into your life to take off with a plunder of devastating feelings. That’s it, people only come to destroy. They arrive not meaning to stay. They check in and leave. That’s all folks. Ride’s over.

So, starting today, I’m going to find that “me” I hate. That “me” I can’t stand. And at least I won’t have to impose it on anyone while thinking it will be less despicable than if it was on its own. I will stay there alone while hating myself and watching the grey sky, which is only there to remind me that I am grey myself ; and that the blue sky is the smile I will wear in public, and is only a lie.

Blue sky is but a truce before the clouds come back. Happiness never lasts.


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