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Real love story to read before bed

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Real love story to read before bed

Today we give you a real beautiful love story you can read before going to bed. It’s the story of C&C, or when friendship transforms into love. Let the dreamy love story begin…

Real love story to read before bed

It all started on a Sunday afternoon in May like so many others, more than fifteen years ago. Fifteen years already… That day I was, as often, going at a mutual friend’s parents’ place. “The shack” as we called it back then, and all my friends seemed to be there at one moment or another pretty much all the time. We were a solid group, everybody was there on weekends. But strangely enough, on that specific Sunday, we were the only ones there. A coincidence maybe? I think not… More of a helpful nudge from destiny! To allow for a love story to be born : when friendship turns into the love story of a lifetime… 

I had been single for a few months, it had been way longer than that for him. But I saw him as just a friend, nothing more. After all, we had known each other for several years and I had never seen him as anything other than a pal. 

Yet on that day, something indefinable happened, and our relationship changed drastically. 

Since then, it has never been the same, but I didn’t know that at the time… 

It’s true that we had gotten closer lately but I had regarded that as a mere detail, easily explained by our mutual state of celibacy. We were the only ones in the whole gang not to be part of a couple, I guess that creates certain bonds. 

We spent the afternoon talking and teasing. And also gently discovering each other. If truth be told you are no womanizer! And you don’t easily let your feelings show. 

After that little duo, my mind was elsewhere as I was going home, there were so many questions… 

“Do I feel anything? Do I like him?” And why was I suddenly wondering about that? 

These questions bounced around in my head all week, especially when I started getting texts in which he was trying to make me understand things. But words, used to express his feelings in writing or in speech, wasn’t his thing. I knew even less what to make of it. Analyzing things when you’re facing an introvert isn’t easy. 

It’s after talking to a friend and the mom of another mutual friend that I finally opened my eyes. 

Them : 

“But don’t you realize he sees you as something other than just a friend? That he has for months, for years, maybe even since the beginning of your friendship? Don’t you realize he fell in love with you a long time ago?” 

Me : 

“But he’s a friend, I’m not in love with him! It’s true that we got closer lately. There is chemistry between us, more than between regular friends, but what if I realize it can’t work between us? He will suffer and I will have destroyed our friendship. And I don’t want to do that!” 

Them : 

“Stop intellectualizing it and looking for excuses. Everybody noticed you got closer, you get along super well, you have so much in common, so go for it, live dangerously!” 

I realized they weren’t wrong, that I had been impatiently waiting for his messages, that when we were together I kind of had been trying to establish some physical contact. So I went for it. I send him a message asking him if he’d be at the Shack on the following Friday because I wanted to speak with him. 

What a night… 

Shared looks, hands brushing against one another, innuendos but always with his shyness taking up most of the space. I hadn’t planned it that way and yet I took the first step. 

After all these years, I can still picture the scene so well… As I was trying to edge towards him on the couch, he gets up all of a sudden and blurts out something about getting a movie upstairs. With all the courage I could muster, I followed him, my heart beating like a drum as I was climbing the steps and wondering if I wasn’t making the biggest mistake in my entire life. 

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And then I saw it, the way he pretended to concentrate on the movies in front of him. I caught his gaze and his eyes tried to tell me everything his mouth couldn’t, and I walked up to him until our lips touched.

This simple kiss turned my whole life upside down. Both our lives actually. 

It took me a bit of time to see the obviousness of a love story. To be perfectly honest, our story did begin with my questions and uncertainties. Our relationship wasn’t balanced at first because feelings weren’t equally strong on both sides. And yet… He had managed naturally, in a simple way and using only his love, to conquer my heart, step by step, over several months. 

I still remember that morning, a few months after our first kiss, when I got up feeling what everybody hopes to feel one day : those butterflies in your stomach when you’re thinking about him, that sensation when you miss him when he isn’t there, that need to see and touch him. 

Discovering what being in love truly means. It was more than fifteen years ago. My friend became my crush. Then my boyfriend. Then my husband. And the father of my children. And since then, well, he’s still the man of my life. 

Special thanks to C&C for the timeless beauty of your love story!

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