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Love letter from a married man to his mistress “I’m ready to leave everything for you”

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Love letter from a married man to his mistress “I’m ready to leave everything for you”

If what you’re looking for a love letter to say “I’m ready to leave everything for you”, take a look at the followin love letter from a married man to his mistress…

The backstory is that of a man who, while going through a rough patch with his wife, met X, and it was love at first sight. He’s ready to leave everything behind for her and wishes to know if she feels the same way, despite her own family life.

Love letter from a married man to his mistress


I never really believed in love at first sight ; to me it was the kind of bulshit romantic movies and airport novels were based on. While I was going through difficulties within my couple, I met you, and the world stood still. It felt obvious, we had to take it to the next level, despite both our families. A love so quick and intense felt unreal. Yet, the more time goes by, the less I can go on without you. It’s not a fling, what’s happening to us is an insane opportunity we have to grasp. As soon as we’re together, I feel good, I live incredible moments, I discover a passionate feeling that must have been hidden inside of me for all these years. It took your walking into my life to resuscitate it, and now it’s so strong… I never would have thought it would happen to me one day. And I wouldn’t have these delicious moments stop for the world.

Today, passion is on full throttle, my heart bursts with joy to the shere idea of seeing you again.

But more than this passion, I dream each day of building my life with you. Of waking up next to you in the morning without any feeling of guilt whatsoever, watching you smile, get ready, and seeing you again in the evening. Of simply living with you.

Pressuring you is the last thing I want to do.

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If I’m writing this letter, it’s so that you know what I feel, what I desire, what I imagine for my future. Right now, we manage being lovers as well as parents. Unfortunately, I’m afraid we can’t keep it up forever. How could we live out our love without hurting those around us? It’s impossible, you know it as well as I do. Maybe it’s selfish, but why should we always think of others before ourselves? Why should we be forbidden from tasting the real pleasures of love without remorse nor regret? You always have a choice in life, and this is mine : I want to be with you, all the time, I want to be yours, entirely. Only I can’t live all of that on my own. And I can’t force you to leave it all behind either. It is not my place, and in any case, the decision must come from you, not from me.

I perfectly understand that you need time to think such a drastic change through, and I’m ready to wait for as long as you need.

And if ever you didn’t find the courage to do it, I wouldn’t blame you. You are incredibly important to me and having you near brings me so much happiness, that I will be content with whatever place you grant me.

Kissing you tenderly,

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