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Love and hate letter: To you who broke my heart

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Love and hate letter: To you who broke my heart

A love and hate filled letter written by a young woman, and called : “Love and hate letter To you who broke my heart”.


Hey… you there! My love, my friend, bastard, honey… what should I call you today? Should I even call you anything? Continue thinking… about you, your eyes, your voice? Ignore you because that’s what’s best for me? Not trying to find out where you are or what you’re doing? Investigate, ask around, follow you from a distance, get closer?

Should I wish you to burn in hell, convince myself you’re the worst thing that has ever happened to me? Cling onto you, again, always, for the sake of the good times, because you are my one and only love?

You, my greatest woe? And what if I only remembered your sweetness? Your delicate hands, your eyes full of tenderness, the privilege of your caresses.

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Forget the harshness of your words, the awkwardness, the long sobs of disarray? Should I still wonder who’s to blame? Should I pretend to be strong? Shut the door? Admit my weakness, cry in distress? Get out of my hiding place, tell you I miss you? Should I feel compelled to believe… that a heart is never truly broken? That once freed of your spell, mine will mend itself for someone else?

Should I fight… to regain all that made me happy, all that destroyed me? Put a cork in it and call it quits?

Get eaten up by doubt and unanswered questions? Move forwards at all cost… despite fear, ignoring my own heart, on this slippery slope?

True, a heart shouldn’t be destroyed that easily. Look, I thought mine had stopped beating… will it be capable still, wiped out and reduced to nothing, to love you so much?


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