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I’m Afraid Of Not Being The Only One In Your Mind Letter

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I’m Afraid Of Not Being The Only One In Your Mind Letter

Sometimes you can be afraid of not being the only one, afraid that your man looks at or thinks about other girls, and to help you put words on such feelings, check out this love letter we called “I’m afraid of not being the only one in your mind :

I’m Afraid Of Not Being The Only One In Your Mind Letter

You see, I’m terrified.

Knowing that there are pieces of your past that I don’t know of that have wounded or even destroyed you scares me. It scares me because I know that the past lives on in you, and that you can’t reconstruct yourself because of that. I know that you think back on this past every day and that very often you cry out that pain as best you can. But I am afraid. I’m afraid because you never put words on it, on what hurts you, on what eats away at you. Without that, I can’t understand it.

And because of that I think your past is too alive in our present.

And if it lives in us too much, I will end up believing that you will never turn the page, that I will never make you happy, that you will never let go and be entirely mine. And I’m afraid that this newfound happiness will leave as fast as it came. I’m terrified at the idea that I’m with you but without importance, because someone from your past is greater. I’m horrified at the thought of an intruder stepping between you and I, even if it’s in your mind. I want to be the only one occupying your thoughts.

Just as you are the only one occupying mine.

I don’t want to be in your arms if you are lost elsewhere. I don’t want this past to be present. I simply want it to be over, forgotten. If only a little bit. Because I want to be your present and your future. I want us to build our own universe, a universe full of beauty and tenderness, of sunny afternoons in December, of flowers shyly oppening on a Spring morning. And all of that without the drizzle of Fall or the frost from last Winter to frighten me. Yes I am frightened. I shake. I cry. I am afraid. 

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