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I wish I could stop time and live in this moment forever

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I wish I could stop time and live in this moment forever

Below is a text written by one of our readers who had a feeling, as maybe you once did after meeting someone, that could be translated into “I wish I could stop time and live in this moment forever”. Read on for some feels.

A fix of oxytocin

And I empty my mind by allowing the sound of the night to invade me. I dance, almost in a trance, the music running along my body.

And you’re there, with your beady laughing eyes and your improbable look. You’re there, full of life, overflowing with energy like a teenager discovering the world. I don’t know you. Neither your name, nor your job, nor your vision of the world and yet, you rekindle in me a flame that was about to go out. I wouldn’t even talk about a “feeling” because we haven’t exchanged.

I’m talking about chemistry. My endorphin receptors have gone wild, it’s better than MDMA, better than a caribbean beach, better than an orgasm, happiness in its purest form. It’s ephemeral, beyond time’s reach, an illusion, a short but oh so good addiction.

You’ve been my fix of oxytocin for a night. I wish it had never stopped because the state I was in – out of control, totally letting go – is the most exciting, the one for which I live.

I can imagine the kind of man you are : a womanizer, multiplying one night stands, the free and independent kind of guy who enjoys the simple pleasures of life, who takes on every day without worrying about what tomorrow will be like. And I knowingly fall for it.

To you, it was a night like any other, a night of seduction, hoping to bring back a girl in your bed. To me, it was a night during which I felt alive again, where intense emotions I had forgotten came back to me with such force they made me travel 10 years back.

Come against me, hold me, put your grip on my hips, make me move on you, breathe me in, I want to feel you hard against me, to feel your breath intertwined with mine, stop all the clocks and put an end to time for me. Please. My mind is numbed by alcohol, it’s true, the room is swaying to and fro. 

I allow myself to be totally transported, I think about nothing even though I should. (Shouldn’t I?) In this moisty and sticky room, I can hear two hearts beating in unison for a couple of hours.

the power of two bodies is unbelievable, it’s like my brain has been pirated. I have spent a few hours, just a few hours with you and now it’s like we had made out in a multiverse. Chemically, we haven’t met, we have been reunited.

So thank you. Thank you for this disconnection of time and this reconnection with some of my senses.

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