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I miss you love letter : romantic long distance love letter

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I miss you love letter : romantic long distance love letter

Here is a romantic love letter to say “I miss you” when seperated by long distance.

The context is that of a married woman who is madly in love with her lover. However, he has been transferred for professional reasons and must move far away. She wishes to tell him her love and show him she believes in their relationship and will wait for him.

I miss you love letter : romantic long distance love letter

Love letter : “Out of sight, on my mind”.


Life is cruel, it feeds on our suffering, but maybe it seperated us only to better put us back together. That is what I hope for from the bottom of my heart. Since last summer, I have been overrun by an endless flow of feelings. It still runs in my veins today. A sweet drug I could never part with. I have rediscovered passion, my new found will to live.

They say reason kills passion. In my case it’s the exact opposite. Never have I been more guilty of it. But why should I feel guilty? Guilty of love? Guilty of a feeling so pure and enjoyable? Of falling victim to what we commonly call “love at first sight”? The only, the unique thing that breaks my heart is knowing that in a few months, you will be 400 miles away from my body.

Despite having our own seperate lives, I only ever think about you, I only ever see through you. You have become my priority, the center of my attention. I am waiting for the moment we will be reunited, and suddenly I am that 15 year old girl again, grounded and forbidden from seing her boyfriend. I constantly want to be cocooned in your arms, to forget everything, to just curl up in our bubble and never leave it.

You have built your family, I have built mine.

But we can never repudiate the happiness that has seeped into our hearts. I could never manage. You are the man of my life, I am sure of it. You have found a way to give me back a joy that was lying, lost, at the bottom of my soul. At your side I feel pretty, at your side I feel a woman! You have removed the grey veil that had covered my eyes and taken away the dreary harshness of life. Near you, I am afraid of nothing.

I can only hope for one thing : that the distance brings us as close together emotionally as it pulls us apart physically. The void will rip me apart, and yet will be so intense that nothing will prevent us from finding each other again. I believe in us, I really do. Why should we stick to society dictated ideals? Fall in love, get married, have kids and then spend the rest of your days fading away. No, when such a strong feeling took hold of me, I realized that I didn’t want that life anymore. I want to be with you, I want to be yours, always. And this time repaint our fading world in bold colors.

You know I will be waiting. I have taken my decision, I am ready to leave my husband, to leave all of it behind and to live this unique passion that binds us to one another. I worry about your departure, I am afraid, but as I said : I believe in us. And nothing else matters.

I love you, and my love knows no limit.

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