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Emotional love letter to my best friend to say I love her

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Emotional love letter to my best friend to say I love her

This emotional love letter was written by a man to his best friend to tell her his love for her, but unfortunately, saying I love you sometimes isn’t enough, and she seems not to love him in return… It’s a beautiful declaration, truly moving.

Declaration letter from a man to his best friend :


I can’t spend my entire life preventing you from living your own. As you have most certainly realized in the last few months… I love you. How could I explain? I don’t know! Probably because of you and your gorgeous smiles. I promise to give you some air, and not to ruin it for you when you’re trying to live out your life, without that “friend” who doesn’t want to be just that anymore… Just a friend.

Should I ignore you? Or should I simply go on with this relationship I can no longer bear? I don’t know and I can’t find the strength to put a clear answer under that terrible question. You made me laugh, you surprised me, you impressed me, you got on my nerves also and made me hope for so much… A hope that I no longer have today.

I did all that was in my power during the last few weeks and today, I find myself at a standstill. There’s nothing I can now do for you to notice me anymore. Seeing you with this “guy” today, laughing and chatting, was the worst thing you could have done to me, without knowing it of course, but it is done all the same! I deserve better than that from you, well that’s what I believe anyway, but once again I’m probably wrong.

So what should I do? Talk to you? Look at you? Love you? No. I can’t do that anymore and it’s not what you want, I know that much at least! Unless you’ve been using me the whole time… But the sheer thought of that hurts.

And I cry…

But why should I cry? I should live with a girl who wants me instead of trying to bring down a concrete wall with my fists. I believe that if we stayed in contact all our lives, I would keep on loving you whatever happens! Maybe even more and more!

I have always been as straightforward as possible with you. I’m asking you to do everything you can to make me stop loving you. Stop looking at me like that. Stop resting your head on my shoulder, stop thinking about me, stop it, stop it all!

I hope you will find happiness, sooner or later, a happiness that will make you who you are. I never thought I would one day write my feelings on a piece of paper, and to you of all people! Goes to show, you made a new man out of me!

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Now, do what you want with my words, sum them down and comment them like you know so well how, but keep in mind that it’s a lost boy’s heart that held the pen.

You should also know that when I’m at home, it’s even worse, I can’t stop thinking about you! Today I’m the unhappiest man in the world, but I finally feel free. I guess the guy you were talking to must really be perfect, if he’s able to captivate your attention like that. I possess no skill of that kind. Or maybe you’re doing all of this because you lack the love and affection, I couldn’t say.

We’ve known each other for two years, two wonderful years, you consider me to be your best friend but you haven’t been mine for a long time now… You are MORE than that! Today I ache, I really do, all over! And for you, life is good, you have a boy you like, and he probably doesn’t know how lucky he is to have you, and maybe that hurts worst of all!

I just hope that as you live on, you will keep a good memory of me, of the Roman from the “good days”, I hope you will manage that, I trust you “My little Julia”. I’ll end this letter by saying for the first and last time : I love you.

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