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Emotional apology letter for cheating on him

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Emotional apology letter for cheating on him

A girl we’ll call Lisa has made the biggest mistake in her entire life : she cheated on the man she loved, once, without thinking about the consequences, and this is the emotional apology letter she wrote for cheating on him.

Emotional apology letter for cheating on him


I am very ashamed of myself as I’m writing to you today. So ashamed and so sad of the way I hurt you. Sorry, sorry my love, sorry for this horrible deed that goes against every one of my principles. I don’t know what took hold of me… How could I have done this to you, the man of my life, the one who brings me all the happiness in the world? Please Thomas, forgive me. 

I had too many drinks like an idiot, I wasn’t thinking and got carried away, without even wanting to. 

It was stupid, I have no excuse. I can’t even process it, that’s how much I don’t understand it, don’t remember it, and hate myself for it! You are the only one in the world who counts for me, nothing else is important in my eyes. 

I don’t know what your decision is going to be and I’m petrified with fear. I can’t imagine my life without you. I fucked up, I really did but I never had any feelings whatsoever for anybody other than you. Ever. 

Don’t forget that I love you and will keep loving you whatever happens. 

I don’t know which one of us is unhappier right now. I know I never felt so many negative emotions all at once : shame, regret, remorse, sadness… 

I think about you, about us, about all the memories we are made of and that have made us the happiest pair in the world. I beg you, let’s not let this mistake ruin four years of love. Let me prove to you that our love is stronger than anything, and that you will be able to revive the trust you used to have in me that is now lost. Because rest assured that if we survive this, nothing else will ever be able to destroy us! 

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I step in your shoes and imagine how ripped apart you must feel. 

How distraught you must be, lost between your fear of “our future” and the love you bear me. Because I know you still love me, you can’t forget a love so strong, so quickly. 

On my part, I imagine a wonderful future for us. Better still than I imagined it before! I’m so angry at myself, and I’m ready to do anything for you to forgive me. I wish you were in my head and in my heart so that you could understand that it meant nothing, really nothing to me! 

I love you so much Thomas, I so much want us to be in each other’s arms, and for all of this to vanish! 

I wish I could have a butterfly effect super power, that I could change everything, delete this abominable act that makes me want to puke in disgust today, just thinking about it. 

Love evolves. I want to go to the restaurant with you, go on vacations, see a movie, laugh, walk in the sunny streets, my hand in yours, I want us to grow old together. I love you more than anything in the world! Without you, I no longer have a goal, I am empty. 

I know it will take time for the wound to heal. 

But be aware that it will never, and I mean never, happen again. It’s the worst thing I have ever done in my entire life and I’m punishing myself in the most painful way there is. Your sadness is my death. 

Love, forgive me, forgive my stupidity. I will prove to you with time that forgiving me will be the best decision yo ever take. Because it’s a fight we can win together, I know it. 

I want to write you a thousand I love yous, erase your pain, I wish you could read my mind… 

So one last time, I love you Thomas. Sorry. Sorry my Love. 

Let me love you, please. You will never be disappointed again. 

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