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Beautiful and Emotional Breakup Letter From a Married Man

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Beautiful and Emotional Breakup Letter From a Married Man

A breakup letter from a married man, madly in love with a young woman with whom he has lived a passionate relationship for the past two years. Today, he believes he must step out of her life to allow her to build one she can call her own.

Breakup letter from a married man


It’s reason and not my heart that convinced me to write to you today. We have now been in a relationship together for several years, and it was timeless, and passionate, and intense. I will never forget the magical moments we have lived together, our trip through Morocco… It was like being a couple, a real couple. Despite the obstacles, we have never let go, because we loved each other. But time goes by and with it, a harsh reality is creeping up on me. When you talk about marriage, I want to say “Of course I want to. Of course I want to spend my life with you”. And then, I think about my kids, whom I can’t be seperated from. 

I think my situation is even more dire than yours. My married life is nonexistent but I’m forced to stay in it anyway. As you know, I’ve even pushed for you to meet someone, so that you could build a life of your own. Only, ever since that fateful event actually happened, I’m suffering. Way too much. I can feel you slowly falling away from me, I can’t stand knowing you’re thinking about him, knowing he’s touching and kissing you… It’s legitimate, and I’m happy for you because you deserve it. But I’d rather step out of your life and allow you to build one that is right for you.

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We can’t keep on going like that. We have lived an idyllic relationship and I would given a lot to prevent it from ever ending. Sharing you is impossible to me, my love for you is too strong. I must let go, cut the invisible thread tying our hearts and souls together… And I will miss you horrendously… It’s going to take me a lot of time and courage but I think it’s the only way…

With one last tender kiss,

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