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Apology letter to my boyfriend for being insecure

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Apology letter to my boyfriend for being insecure

Apologizing is never easy, but if you’re feeling insecure, writing a letter can be great to help you communicate better with your boyfriend… Here is an apology letter to my boyfriend for being insecure.

Apology letter to my boyfriend for being insecure


I’m hurt ; my head hurts, my throat hurts, my stomach hurts ever since you’ve left. I screwed up, I shouldn’t have talked to you like that and yes, yes, I know… we’re not here to count points and throw reproaches at each other’s hearts. The point of this letter is not that.

I’m writing this letter because of this weight, because I’m going crazy ever since you left… I’m empty, empty of you, empty of your love. My body requires your caresses, my hips call your hands, my neck begs your mouth for a kiss. My body hurts without you, hurts of you, my brain blew a fuse, my desires ran away. 

Yes I panic, yes I’m sometimes annoying because I’m too scared of losing you.

No I’m not perfect, yes I can change, a little… but not too much. Yes I always want to have the final say on everything, I’m messy, I’m full of shit, I sometimes go to far, I can be a total troll and I have a knack for getting on your nerves. But who better than me can love you? Who could literally die of love for your beautiful eyes? Who could produce a tsunami of tears when you are far away? Who would come home in the evening and run up to hug you even though we’ve only been apart for a few hours? Who would blow in you neck to make you shiver? Who would tickle you just to bother you? Who would whisper musical I love yous in your ear? And spend hours at a time looking into your eyes? Who would sing you some Piaf in the shower? Who would accept watching a crappy movie just to see a glimpse of your smile? Who would go to the doctor’s with you when you’re scared of the diagnosis? And who would massage your head until you fall asleep? Who would love you like I loved you and still do? 

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I miss you James, I miss you way too much!

And these memories haunt my mind, your laughter echoes in my ears… Even if I wanted to erase you I couldn’t. You are inside of me, you are etched on my skin, the invisible print of you hand, your fingers, your nose, your mouth on every last inch of my body… I can feel it still.

I love you, we love each other and we’re idiots. Yes, total idiots. I’m maybe even stupider than you, and I can also be a bitch. But don’t do this to us Jimmy, you and I have far too much to live for! “You and I” sounds so natural, and no fight in the world could break that…

Sorry. I’m crappy sometimes.

I love you

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