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Apology letter for jealousy : Sorry for being jealous

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Apology letter for jealousy : Sorry for being jealous

The story behind this apology letter is that of a young woman who regrets her behavior and wants to convince her husband not to leave her, she is sorry for having been jealous. Here is an apology letter for jealousy.

Apology letter for jealousy : Sorry for being jealous


Please, read this letter until the end, my heart aches as I start writing, I need to tell you what’s on my mind. Words are difficult to find, I’m so afraid, so afraid of the future. I want to apologize. Apologize for everything. Apologize for my attitude, my behavior, my words. Apologize for having constantly been angry at you, having constantly nagged you,  having hurt you. The worst part is that I have never thanked you. I pretended you were the monster, a beast who didn’t love me and abandoned me. When I was the problem. I could never have enough, I was ever unsatisfied, asking for the impossible. I realize it a bit late, I’m aware of that, and I’m so angry at myself.

I know, six months ago we had already spent some time apart for the same reasons, but I hadn’t then realized the extent of my attitude and how I have turned your life into hell. My jealousy ruined our couple, I was so scared of losing you. Everytime you left, it felt like you were abandoning us, the baby and I. Like you preferred being elsewhere rather than with us. And it tore me apart, it drove me crazy, hysterical, paranoid – you name it.

Today I have understoood it wasn’t the case, you just needed to find the right balance but you loved me. Today, I realize it was because of my jealousy that I lost you. At the end of the day, it’s the fear of losing someone that drives you to take all the bad decisions that lead to a breakup. I became aware of it a little late, true. But I’m undergoing therapy and I’m now seeing a lot of things as they really are, I’m changing step by step and I’m certain that all three of us can be happy again, in our cocoon.

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Unfortunately, I know that in your mind, positive images are fewer than the negative one and that you can’t just take my word for it and believe in a definite change. I wish I could make you smile again and make you understand that I want to see you happy, and to do so, I want to give you back the freedom I had selfishly taken away from you. Words are just words, let me prove to you with acts that this jealousy is already behind me and that it will keep on fading away in the distance.

I love you, I love you so much, no one could ever replace you in my heart. Give us one last chance, just the one. The consciousness that my hysteria was laughable and inapropriate has hit me with all its force. I could almost laugh about it now. Sometimes, feelings are so strong that you find yourself trapped in a body that is no longer yours and they make you spit out violent words that don’t represent you. And these words were out of control. I have been destroyed by trivialities which I had thought important and I totally lost it, I totally lost you.

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I’m at a loss for words, I feel confused, I hope you will have understood the meaning of this message and that you will keep in mind that I love you and would do anything for you, truly anything. I have become aware of my behavior and I’m more sorry than you could imagine. Simply imagining life without you is torture. I feel petty and weak. It kills me that I have hurt you and made you suffer. I love you more than anyone, I love you like never I have loved before, I have given you everything, you have given me everything. I believe my future and my life lie with you and with no one else. I could never love anyone the way I have loved you, that would be utterly impossible.

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