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An Open Letter To My Ex Girlfriend That I Still Love

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An Open Letter To My Ex Girlfriend That I Still Love

Sometimes love doesn’t go according to plan, it stops or isn’t givin in return, in this open love letter, a man wants to tell his ex girlfriend that he still loves her…

Letter To My Ex Girlfriend That I Still Love


Today is October 1, it would have been our four years. See, I’ve never been good with dates, but I remember this one. It used to be our favorite day, we would go out to an amazing restaurant, and have a true anniversary feast…

You must be surprised I’m writing to you after all this time without any news.

I didn’t expect this either, believe me. I had never in my life written a letter before this one, I guess we’re used to first times by now… I don’t know where to start, sorry if I’m babbling.

Almost a year ago now, we put a stop to our relationship.

More because of me than of you, I’ll grant you that. Since then, I tried to build new stories, to meet new women… But it’s no good, every time I go on a date, I see your face. I thought I had moved on but I haven’t. The more time goes by, the more I miss you. I mulled it over for a long time before telling you about it because I didn’t want to hurt you – I believe I have hurt you enough as it is.

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Everything we’ve lived together somehow seems to come back in my face, I reread all your letters, looked at all our pictures and this huge wave of sadness just came crashing on me. Because you weren’t there. Sure we used to fight and barely ever agreed on anything, but I felt good when I was with you. Life was simple when I was next to you, Alex. There weren’t 1,000 questions constantly buzzing around in my head, life was simply good.

I miss you, I just had to tell you. I haven’t forgotten you…

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