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A Beautiful Love Letter To Tell An Unknown Man That You Like Him

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A Beautiful Love Letter To Tell An Unknown Man That You Like Him

So there’s this man who’s unknown to you, you’ve seen him once or ten times, and you dream of declaring your love to him but don’t know how, so why not start with a beautiful love letter to tell an unknown man that you like him? Read on!

A Beautiful Love Letter To Tell An Unknown Man That You Like Him

I don’t know you, young man. You don’t know who I am, or even that I exist within your days. You don’t imagine me sitting in a corner or this very room and secretly observing you. I don’t know you, and yet you have woken in me this fire that I had forgotten existed for some years now. I’ve been spying on you as discreetly as I can. I don’t want to frighten you. I want to be this secret soul in your life. Because sitting on my chair, in the corner of the room, you unsettle me. You make me quiver. That killer smile of yours slayed me. Your voice heard across a hall made me vibrate.

As days went by, I’ve learned to recognize you from afar. And when my mind understands you’re there, not so far from my body, I can’t suppress a slight tremor. I don’t know who you are, or what you are, but you have a devastating effect on me. I’ve dreamed I was in your arms and couldn’t wait to spot you again. And then you did reappear at last, before my very eyes. I concentrate on every one of your gestures and attitudes. You’re unnerving. I look at the details of your face, your thick black coat prevents me from doing the same with your body.

Then I look at your hands.

Precise and elegant. My mind wanders, and I realize with a start I was imagining these hands on my skin. These hands, undressing me, slowly, very slowly. Driving me crazy. You don’t know it, but you are my fantasy. Your beard, groomed to perfection, arouses me, and your lips surrounded by it bring thoughts to my mind that you would find obscene. I don’t dare look you in the eye, afraid as I am that you would notice, but also – especially – for fear of my own reactions.

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You’re impressive, sitting there, just a few inches from me.

I’m attracted as much as I feel pushed away. Like the heat coming from your body acts like a magnet with mine. You stand up, your perfume lingers behind for a while. I’m sensitive to smells. I casually turn my head and inspect the curve of your buttocks ; perfectly drawn. Then you come back, sit down, calmly, and with a sideway glance, my eyes find your wrists. Your firm forearms delicately covered with dark velvet. My hearts accelerates inside my chest. I act like I don’t have a care in the world. Yet my cheeks blush, and my hands tremble at the idea that your hands, so close to me, might brush against mine. You, calm, and me, burning with desire. I imagine closing the door, even though it’s made of glass, and letting my imagination flow on your body, that doesn’t yet understand what’s going on.

My head is an explosion of thougts, unadmittable for two strangers such as you and I. You’re there, oblivious to what’s happening in my mind, and I wish I could leave you this short note : “You are my fantasy, find me, and you won’t be sorry. A.V”

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