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Stay at home : Romantic date ideas for couples

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Stay at home : Romantic date ideas for couples

So you want to take your boyfriend/girlfriend out on a romantic date but you don’t know where, you’ve done it all and you’re out of ideas to spice up your couple, then why not stay at home? Far from being lame and boring, it can prove truly original and romantic! Follow the guide…

Ideas for romantic dates at home

Why always go to hotels or unusual restaurants when you can do it all at home? What’s more, according to an Elite Singles poll, 93% of women and 96% of men are touched when their partners prepare a special and entirely homemade dinner.

A romantic date at home starts with good preparation

Get back from work early in order to prepare everything. Your home has to be in perfect order if you want to create a calm and serene atmosphere. Light a few scented candles for a soothing touch. If you’re worried about the candles burning the buiding down, you can go for interior perfume instead. Dim the lights so that they aren’t too aggressive.

Prepare a love music playlist to put your sweetheart in the mood as soon as he/she sets foot in the house.

A romantic date at home also means a good meal

The house is ready, everything is set. Now it’s time to start cooking. The idea is to cook his favorite dish or to go for total discovery. Your sweetheart will be all the more moved if you have prepared everything yourself. Even if the result isn’t perfect, better to toil than to takeout.

Get some Champagne and a good bottle of wine, as well as a few appetizers.

May the romantic date begin!

Your sweetheart has just arrived. Invite him/her to sit on the couch and blindfold him/her. The first game is to have him/her guess what kind of food you put in his/her mouth. This sensual game will ideally lauch your at home romantic date!

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Pour yourselves some Champagne and drink to your love and to this unforgettable evening.

Games for a perfect romantic date

The idea is to show him/her that you have thought out every last detail. So start off by offering him/her a naughty/sensual game or one that is more axed on communication and complicity.

Before going to the table, give him/her a beautiful love letter. A letter you will have written with care like never you have written before. After writing a draft, copy it out (mind your handwriting!) on elegant stationery, it will literally make his/her heart melt. Better have a box of tissues handy if it gets too emotional!

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When the games have been played and the Champagne drunk, it’s dinner time. You are presented with several options :

Eat at the coffee table in the living room, where you already had the appetizers, and prolong the cocoon atmosphere.

Go to the dining room table, for a romantic ambiance (with candlesticks).

Have a picnic in your living room for a countryside touch. You just need a sheet on the floor… Even more romantic if you have a fireplace in front of which to eat.

Run a bath and have dinner in it! Although if like me, you are renowned for your clumsiness, you should drop this idea (haha). Romanticism yes, salad floating in the tub no!

During the meal, talk ONLY about you two. Remember the good times spent together. Obviously, no phones, technology is banned in the name of romanticism. Also don’t talk about work, or problems you’ve had during the day. This moment must be timeless, magical and a milestone memory.

Dessert in question

Once you are done with the main course, it’s time for dessert. You can plan one last special game, it can be questions about the both of you, the way you met, your dreams together… to end dinner on a note of complicity!

And once that is done, it only takes a long loving and sensual look… You know what to do next 😉 I have no more advice for you there, except to let go and enjoy yourselves!

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