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10 things to do at home with your boyfriend

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10 things to do at home with your boyfriend

Here are our 10 ideas of things to do at home with your boyfriend!

Time flies when you spend quality time with your other half doing interesting activities. Some days, however, when you are out of ideas and lacking imagination, apart from silently staring at each other while listening to the ticking of the clock, you simply don’t know what to do.

So what can you do with your boyfriend when you are at home?

Things to do at home with your boyfriend #1 : Watch a movie

Granted, not the most original activity. But classics are classics for a reason. Watching a movie together is a great occasion to relax, and to spend time in each other’s arms : I spy tenderness, I spy complicity. But keep in mind you must BOTH choose the movie.  Start by making up your mind on the genre : romantic comedy? Horror? Action? Adventure? Wannabe artsy French flick? Doesn’t matter as long as you are both on the same page!

Things to do at home with your boyfriend #2 : Massage and relaxation

What is better than a peaceful moment with your lover to either relax or rekindle desire? Get some oil, select the appropriate clothing (no cloths at all?) and massage each other in turn, from head to foot. You can also initiate your sweetheart to the joys of clay masks or any other intriguing substance you are used to covering your face with. It’s always amusing, seing your man, green faced and howling “F***… I’m melting! I think I’m having a reaction!” And last but not least : a nice bubble bath (a shower also does the trick) for the both of you.

Things to do at home with your boyfriend #3 : Cook

Maybe you aren’t Top Chef. Maybe you hate cooking. Maybe you’re simply bad at it. However, do it as a couple and it might become a moment of pleasure and sharing. Pick a cookbook for amateurs or go online to find THE recipie you crave to taste for dinner. Slip on your apron and prepare to make cooking fun again. Will you win the flour battle? Don’t forget to kiss the cook!

Things to do at home with your boyfriend #4 : Listen to music

Lie down in bed and listen to your favorite tunes. Close your eyes, allow your senses to take over. Maybe his hands will find your body, maybe you will fall asleep, who knows? Napping never killed anyone!

Things to do at home with your boyfriend #5 : Fool around under the covers

Never mind what time it is! If you feel good in your head and good in your body, if there is no forecast for stress and if you are at ease with your companion, why not slide under the sheets and snuggle?

Things to do at home with your boyfriend #6 : Play board games

Monopoly, BattleShip, Hungry Hungry Hippos… Who said board games were for kids? Bring out the competitor within, or maybe the cheater, or more certainly the child. You will share a nice moment of complicity and laughter. Unless one of you is a sore loser!

Things to do at home with your boyfriend #7 : Plan your next holidays

Summer is coming, it might be time to plan your holidays ahead. It’s always fun looking for the dream destination and to organize a relaxing week. Make up both your minds on a place, the activities you would like to do, where you will be staying (camping? hotel? bed and breakfast? palace?)… And book your tickets. Can you already picture yourselves in a few short weeks?

Things to do at home with your boyfriend #8 : Talk and laugh

Conversation. Yep. Souds like nothing and it can easily be overlooked. We prefer stupid TV shows over taking the time to communicate. It’s a shame really. Tell each other funny anecdotes, jokes, make a romantic declaration… You can also play hide and seek (hilarious in a small apartment). I often try to remember what I liked to do when I was a kid. Because after all, inside, we are all children…  

Things to do at home with your boyfriend #9 : Go “artistic”

  • Do your walls at home seem a litle dull? Buy a blank canvas, some paint, and unleach your creativity.
  • Start a lovely old school photo album : select with care and print out your most beautiful photographs.
  • Disguise yourselves and take some pictures.
  • Cut up and glue down things that define you on a sheet of paper and create your own masterpiece.
  • Invent and record a song, be the best duet of the year 🙂

Things to do at home with your boyfriend #10 : Play video games

So maybe your boyfriend is addicted to Fifa, but I am sure you can reach an agreement : there are a multitude of Wii games for everyone, and also such games as Mario, Crash Bandicoot or Rayman. Team up or play against each other.

This article exists in french too : 10 choses à faire chez soi avec son copain

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