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How to interpret texts from guys : Decode guys text messages

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How to interpret texts from guys : Decode guys text messages

« Bip bip » goes your cell phone, time to initiate panic mode, to call the girls for help and to try to decode and interpret the deep meaning of the text message that guy sent you. Why the question mark and suspension points? What did he mean? Let’s analyse a bunch of real life text messages together.

How to interpret texts from guys : Decode guys text messages

The effortlessly commonplace

“Hey you! I’ve had a wonderful time with you last night, I hope you did too!” 

Typical of a cute nice guy who kind of lacks self confidence. He tries to reassure himself by asking if his feelings were mutual but the interogative form induces a drop in value. What’s more, his text is terribly commonplace and I tend to think I’d rather avoid contact with this kind of guy who probably sent the same text to several girls after the party. Roughly translated, the text goes : “Hey, I’d like to see you again if that doesn’t mean making too much of an effort so tell me if you’re ok with that”.

The failed original who liked you

“Hey little flower on the prairie, I love your personality! We have to see each other again!”

Ouch… Poor dude (I hope he’s not reading)… Anywho. It starts badly with a wannabe originality pathetically failing – “little flower on the prairie”… may I offer tears of pity before I answer? But lets leave that at that and consider it was a case of I-meant-well-but-I-am-not-very-good-at-it. The text composition is surprising, it was smart placing “I love your personality” right in the middle of the message, right before the very authoritative statement that follows. But, I mean, it’s so out of place. I talked with the guy for like two hours and he already knows he loves my personality? Hum… flattery spotted from 100 miles away. And the final obligation is the mark of someone who’s very self confident (but who shouldn’t be). He’s sure you liked him. Caution : this second-rate dom juan is not for you.

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The down to earth romantic

“I would have liked to have more time to talk with you… If you’re free, I know a nice coffee place in SoHo, how about tomorrow at 6pm?”

Finally a message that makes sense. So, basically, he likes you and wants to see you again. So much so that he even asks you out on a date with a time and place already set. What’s better than an invested man who takes matters into his own hands? He starts off by setting the context, the suspension points say enough without overdoing it (like “I hope you also want to know me better”) and asks you on a date at a totally reasonable time that doesn’t imply obvious sex (because “meet me at 11pm in my hotel room”, well…). In short : go go go!

The guy who doesn’t want to see you again but who doesn’t want to hurt you

“Sorry I can’t make it tomorrow, and it’s going to be a crazy week at work, so seing each other might be tough. I’ll let you know”.

This young fellow won’t see you. His message is clear : if he’s afraid of turning you down and carefully choses his words to seem nice, take the hint, this isn’t going anywhere. Better luck next time!

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The guy who has to cancel but who still wants to see you again

“Listen, something came up, sorry it’s last minute, how about wednesday instead, would that be ok?”

The fact that he askes you out on another date shows that he was interested in the one he had to cancel. It’s OK to cancel… as long as it doesn’t become a habit!

The creepy weirdo

“Why don’t you answer? I knew you didn’t give a shit about me!”

So you let 10 minutes go by between his last text and your future answer… and now he gets all worked up behind his screen. That means trouble. Question mark + exclamation point = I’m pissed. You can feel the virtual violence and you end up not wanting to answer at all. Run away! If a man is already possessive after so little time, you can hardly expect the outcome to be stable.

The guy who tries to do things right

“Hey X, it was nice meeting you yesterday. I hope you’re not too tired LOL. Take care”

He’s cute, a bit awkward but cute.  His “LOL” comes out of nowhere and has no coherence with the rest of the message, but well… The guy lacks self esteem but tries to do things right, and that’s pretty encouraging! Why not?

Mister ego-ego oh yesss my ego

“Hello Misses I’m-never-wrong. I want to see you again”

He starts off with that derisive tone, that I personally don’t dislike. That is after all seduction : testing and sizing up the other’s personality. But his “I want to see you again” is the sign of excessive egocentricity. It’s like the guy doesn’t care if you are at all interested in him of not, he WANTS to see you and that takes up all the space. Read the definition of courtesy and then give me a call!

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