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How to tell if a man loves you without saying it

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How to tell if a man loves you without saying it

Ever wondered how to tell if a man loves you without saying it? Today we answer this question !

How to tell if a man loves you without saying it

Quite often, men have trouble sharing their feelings and expressing them… Self consciousness? Fear of being seen as sensitive? Of being judged? Whatever it is, one thing is for sure : it can be a problem when you are trying to determine wether that charming guy has a crush on you or not! So how can you tell if a man is in love when he’s hiding his feelings? Read on and find out wether he likes you or not!!

He can’t take his eyes off you

It can be more or less discreet… but the eyes are a gateway to the soul! They often tell you a lot more than words or gestures. So if you notice him smiling whenever his eyes meet you or simply that he’s obviously staring at you in what he believes is a discreet manner, then he probably has a crush on you! Or on the contrary, intimidated or shy, he won’t have the nerves to look you in the eye and will very quickly turn away whenever you look at him… Now don’t start seeing signs everywhere! But if he is showing interest, you will eventually notice, sooner or later. As long as you are a good observer.

He multiplies small gestures

You are not a couple, and yet he multiplies small gestures? Wether they are material (chocolates, flowers, notes… sometimes just because!) or not (compliments, texts, offering a hand…), these gestures can take many forms! And could have for only justification that you are a good friend to him… But if they are frequent, recurring and that you are under the impression of being given a preferential treatment in comparison with his other friends, then it’s an excellent sign! And you can be sure that if they bear a secret meaning, you will notice. It’s probably his way of showing you his interest and his love! It is sometimes easier for some people to communicate through that kind of devious gesture than to directly tell someone he loves her…

Affectionate body language

They can be attached to the small gesture category : body language is an excellent affection barometer! Then again, an absence of body language doesn’t necessarily mean he doesn’t like you. Some people are simply more handsy than others. Some just need to take their time in order to dare the simplest harmless movement. Otherwise, a hand on your shoulder or hip, fingers brushing against your elbow or hair, a kiss on the cheek lasting a fraction of a second longer than it should… all of those might be signs of his interest in you!

Careful though : this kind of body language can be evidence of his physical attraction to you, but doesn’t necessarily prove the existence of an emotional level! So check that he doesn’t only spend his time eyeing your butt or cleavage!

He can be even more withdrawn with you than he is with others

He usually is the life and soul of the party, but given some one and one time with you, he jams and closes up like an oyster? Just like looking away, if he sets a distance between you and him, it might be because he has a crush on you! In any case, if he really wanted to run away from you for some reason, his attitude would probably be more telling…

He likes you, so he acts elusive and closes up as soon as he is with you : it can seem paradoxical! But it’s only that he’s less comfortable, that he is afraid to lose his nerves or of failing to be up to the task, so he activates protection mode. Or it could also be that he doesn’t want you to realize what his feelings are and it’s a tactic to confuse the issue… If the attraction is mutual, be the one to send him a signal in order for him to realize that he has a chance of starting a beautiful story with you!

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