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What body language shows a guy in love : 8 body language clues that he’s falling in love

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What body language shows a guy in love : 8 body language clues that he’s falling in love

It’s not always easy to know if a guy is falling in love with you or not, but his body language shows a lot, if you know what kind of clues to look for. Who wouldn’t want to possess a simple code breaker to find out quickly wether a man is trully interested? Despite the newest techology, I regret to announce that such an invention unfortunately doesn’t exist yet! So : What body language shows a guy in love ? Here are 8 body language clues that he’s falling in love !

What body language shows a guy in love ?

1/ His gaze

The first body language clue of a man falling in love lies in where he looks. If he likes you, he will constantly try to plunge his gaze into yours. He will try to look at you as often as possible. A man falling in love will look straight into your eyes when seeking to seduce you (provided he’s globally self confident).

Fair warning though, it can also be the exact opposite! A man interested in you will ALWAYS try to look at you as often as possible but he could want to do so when you don’t see it. Uneasy, he could flee your gaze, and at the same time not take his eyes off you when your back is turned or when you’re doing something else.

Try to determine wether yes or no he keeps looking at you when he thinks you don’t see it! That can teach you a lot about his feelings for you.

2/ His smile

Everybody knows love makes you happy. And what do you do when you’re happy? You smile! Thus, one of the body language clues of a man falling in love will be his smile… Which he won’t always be able to control.

It’s exactly the same as for women, a man who’s interested in you will very easily laugh at your jokes, even the bad ones! Because he will simply be delighted to be in your company.

3/ Touching his face

When a man is interested in you, it’s probable that he will touch his face. No, not like rubbing his eyes or putting on after shave, way more subtly!

He will often run his hand through his hair, touch his lips or  even his ear lobes (positive!). They are quite sensitive areas that you touch unconsciously when you feel a genuine interest for the person in front of you.

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4/ His interest in you

OK I said body language… But that’s not all there is to it! A man really interested in you will ask you lots of questions. He will want to know more about you, your tastes, your activities, your passions.

He will build on to everything you say and try to get you to say more!

5/ Physical contact

Another body language clue of a man falling in love is the physical contact he will try to establish between you. For example, if you’re both having a drink together, he might brush against your hand with his, or even take it, or gently touch your shoulder…

Warning : I’m not talking about touching your ass or any other intimate part. That would be more of a sign that he’s turned on by you. By your body. And not that he’s truly interested in you while having the creation of a real love story in mind.

6/ He wants to spend time with you

One of the most obvious clues that a man is falling in love with you is that he will do everything he can to spend some time with you. Whenever you ask if he’s free, he is (it’s uncanny!).

In the same way, he will often offer you to meet, or even (for the more audacious) invite you to join him in unusual activities.

7/ Feeling nervous

A man falling in love sometimes can’t help being very nervous. Just like women, men can be afraid of rejection, and nervousness can get hold of them during dates.

So, if he starts playing with his glass, bites his nails, buttons and unbuttons the first button of his shirt, looks left and right… He’s not bored, just a bit uneasy and afraid… It only goes to show you intimidate him!

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8/ The little things

THE clues that a man is in love are the little things he will do for you. Sometimes clumsy or even dimwitted, but adorable non the less! It can be holding the door for you, a small gift, flowers…

For example, you told him you loved cream puffs, and he brings some on the next date.

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