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How to be romantic with your girlfriend and make her dream for one night

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How to be romantic with your girlfriend and make her dream for one night

More than merely making your girlfriend happy, if you want to surprise her by preparing a magical dream night, check out our advice to make this one romantic evening perfect in every way! May the love and excitement begin!

Beforehand : time to take action!

Think ahead

Choose the date with care! The perfect night of love must be organized… to perfection! Try not to plan it on the same day as her mother’s birthday, her aunt’s funeral or during her exams. This night has to be special and come as a surprise. By surprise, I mean don’t wait for Valentines day or her birthday to prepare such a beautiful moment for her.

 Get organized

Start by setting up a meeting with her. Send her a message (or an emotional love letter if you’re going for all-in romanticism) : “Meet me at 7pm at my place, be beautiful, I have a surprise for you“. For one thing, you are taking the lead, and that’s always appreciated. A man who takes the lead gives a sense of stability and strength, he knows where he’s going and what he wants ; he makes his partner feel safe. Also, adding the word “surprise” to your message will make her jump up and down with impatience. Women, as well as men, enjoy surprises! With this message, your sweetheart might rack her brains for hours trying to guess what awaits her and what you’ve prepared! She’ll be all jittery! It hasn’t begun yet and already she’s happy!

For a flawless result, don’t forget to clean up your apartment. Kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room… In short, spring cleaning. And obviously don’t forget the bed!

Prepare her a good meal

She knows cooking is not your thing (or maybe it is?!). Yet you are going to release the kraken and cook her a meal worthy of Top Chef (or almost, it’s the thought that counts). If you’re somewhat of a pro, my only advice is : have fun (simply bear in mind her likes and dislikes. It would be a shame to bake a chocolate cake if she’s allergic to eggs!). On the other hand, if you are like me, that is to say, if you can manage pasta, steak or potatoes… but that’s it… shop. But don’t systematically choose the easy way, it’s you she’ll love through your cooking, even if it isn’t perfect. An easy recipe book is a must have for such cases.

Aperitif :

Champagne would be most appropriate. Add to that a few savory munches, but not too many! This is only the starter to your romantic evening.

Main course :

Whatever she enjoys! A big fat steak with homemade mashed potatoes? Smoked salmon and avocado? Pasta with goat cheese (wait that’s me :D)…

Dessert :

Whatever she prefers! Raspberry cake, Häagen-Dazs, Tarte Tatin…

Fill yourselves up with happiness!

Suit up!

An important detail. You can’t ask your sweetheart to be beautiful if you intend on wearing your old shorts and dirty tee-shirt. Either you be the gentleman in a white shirt. Or the more edgy black jeans and V-neck white tee, BUT DON’T OVERDO IT. Groom your beard, think hot, be hot.

During : make yourself attractive!

Surprise her

After this delicious gourmet dinner, blindfold her with a silk scarf (more glamorous than red tape and easier to take off). At that point, if everything goes according to plan, your sweetheart is slowly melting and wondering what’s coming next. Ask her for a few more minutes of patience… giving you the time to light some candles!

Make her dream come true

Prepare your coccon : pretty candles, scented maybe? A soothing and romantic atmosphere. Try to keep away from rose petals, it’s kind of old-fangled (as is the world “old-fangled” as a matter of fact).

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The atmosphere comes in play earlier, as I’ve said. If you’re afraid of your room catching fire, you can always go with dimming the lights, for more of a sensual feel. The other important factor is music! Smooth and voluptuous tunes that will put you both in the mood for love. Here’s my personal playlist (make your own according to taste of course!) :

Every Elliott Smith song, Cat Power’s The Greatest, Scorpions’s Still Loving You, Adele’s Someone Like You, Bright Eyes First Day of my Life, Damien Rice’s 9 Crimes, Radiohead’s No Surprises, a few songs by Cocoon, Girls in Hawaii’s Organeum…

Don’t forget THE gift

Yep, never stop halfway! This gift is meant for sharing. What I mean is that you will need it before this special night is over. Your sweetheart will be thrilled to see that you’ve thought about her once again. Massage oil, nighty, assorted bra and undies, 50 shades of grey style accessories or sexy dicing games and such… The choice is yours! Some online sex shops offer a tasteful selection.

You can also give her some sophisticated naughty lingerie. I personaly enjoy bodies when it comes to sexy undies…

It is on

Start with a massage (using the oil you just gave her), then move on to sensual kissing… Take off her clothes one by one, tenderly, giving desire the time to rise… After that… you know what to do! I mean, I expect you know what she likes in bed more than I do!

After, what do we do now?

Above all, above all, ABOVE ALL : DON’T FALL ASLEEP! Manly Man did the job and has earned a good night’s rest? Not today! I’ll say it one last time : don’t fall asleep, don’t pick up your phone to read your texts and missed calls, don’t ask if it was as good for her as it was for you!

Simply : live in the moment! Breathe in and fill your lungs with this wonderful evening and have another glass of Champagne in bed!

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Of course, any scenario is possible! If you and your girlfriend are on the same wavelength and if your “thing” is to wear costumes, then costumes it is! The night of love I’ve described above is romantic in a classical way. Choose the one that suits you most!

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